Thursday, July 12, 2012

meet Strasbourg

Friends, meet Strasbourg.  Strasbourg, meet friends.

the canal ♥
basically the most beautiful building in Strasbourg, folks.
Grant being his usual awesome self
I love street musicians! and this accordion player just made it sound like France.
the epic Catdrale de Notre Dame de Strasbourg.  almost better than the one in Paris.
one of the most gorgeous streets
mah mama ♥
the shoes I bought in Strasbourg!
this view of Petite France literally astounded me every time I saw it.

I decided to go a different route than a chronological here-is-what-I-did about my trip, and just introduce you to different places, and tell you stories, and show you photos as they came.

Strasbourg, if I haven't mentioned yet, is darling.  It's surrounded by a canal, has an incredible (huge) cathedral, is full of cobblestone streets, is riddled with little markets and cafés, and is just the cutest thing you'll ever see in your life.  It's super close to the German border, so there's a lot of German influence in it as well as the obvious French.  But as quaint as it is, Strasbourg is anything but old-fashioned.  It's bigger than it seems, and it's actually the capitol of the region of Alsace plus the seat of the European Parliament.  So it's not touristy like Paris (nothing is touristy like Paris...), but it does get visitors.

People in Strasbourg are so fashionable.  It's ridiculous.  And exhausting to look nice every day...I'm definitely enjoying my pjs again.

Like I said, there's a canal that surrounds the center of town--it probably takes all of 15 to 20 minutes to walk from one side to the other.  And trust me, we walked everywhere.  People also ride bikes around, and man are they crazy riders, weaving through the crowds so fast you hardly see them coming.  Grant and I also took a boatride on the canal, which was loverly.

Everything about Strasbourg was pretty much adorable.  It's the kind of place I could definitely live--I almost didn't come home, folks.  Probably the only thing that got me out of there was that we left for Paris...  But seriously.  I was there for two and a half weeks and after walking around everywhere and getting to know it so well, I felt like I owned the place and wanted to stay forever.  It lodged itself in my heart, and I felt at home more than I did in Paris or London running around like every other tourist.  I'm going to go back someday.


  1. Ah. I can't stand it. It's just so beautiful! Your mom is beautiful, I LOVE your shoes, Grant looks pretty cool in that photo. :) I pretty much just love this post! ;)

  2. Great pictures! You did great and it looks so beautiful!

    P.S. Having a giveaway if you would like to check it out!

  3. my gosh. strasbourg is b-e-a-u-tiful. take me with you when you go back someday...oh wait, that would mean that I would have to hang out with you...nah, forget it. I'll go on my own. lol, kidding! pleeeeease take me with you! haha. oh my. I'm weird. anyway. your pictures are delicious and I adore that picture of your mama! btw, I want grant's sunglasses. wantwantwant.

  4. It is so beautiful there! I would love to live there, or at least take a nice long trip there. Awesome pictures!

    Rachel Keeth // Lavender & Honey

  5. Forget Paris. If I ever go to France that is where I would want to visit. It's everything a little European town should be :)

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  7. Ohmygoodness. I am soooo incredibly jealous right now. If I were you, I would not have wanted to leave, either. :) It is great to see you back, though!

  8. My goodness, I'm a wee bit jealous. Okay, 'wee' is a lie. I'm sorry. I'm a lot jealous.

  9. OH, WOW. Just, wow.
    Jenn, if a green-eyed monster jumps out of your closet and scares you tonight, it's not me, I swear.


  10. oh, goodness, Jennoelle! These are so beautiful! It must have been SO neat to actually be there... wow. And those shoes--yes-- are adorable. Leave it to a girl to love shoes, right? ;)


  11. Oh goodness gracious. These are fantastico! One day my two besties and I are going to Europe... we might need to add this to our list.


  12. Wow. Strasbourg is so beautiful + it sounds like your trip was amazing!

  13. beautiful photos! I love all of the street shots. <3
    that's awesome that you were able to stay in one place for so long...that's how I want to be able to travel--stay in one place long enough to really get to know it and feel at home.

  14. I am speechless. Take me with you next time!

  15. Such memories :) And I love the picture of mommy, she's gorgeous! and Grant too :)

  16. Jeeeennnnnnnnn these pictures are beautiful! They don't even look reeeaaallllll. I'm so happy for you. :) And Grant looks dashing!

  17. Let's add Strasbourg to the everlasting list of places I need to go!

  18. So I put my stalker hat on and have been stalking your blog for the past hour. But I just HAD to throw it off when I read about your travels to France! I live about an hour and a half away from Strasbourg (in Switzerland, two seconds away from the French border), and whole heartedly agree with everything you have to say! One of my good friends is at the University of Strasbourg and another friend lives not far away. (We live in Switzerland but almost all our friends here are French). So... just wanted to say that I love this. :)


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