Friday, September 7, 2012

and so it ends.

so what ends? you ask.

well.  summer.  it's for certain now.

but also camp.  labor day camp.  the last time it was at the location it's been held at for years, marking it as the end of an era so to speak.

one of the best things that happened at camp: this skit.  it's to the song "everything" by lifehouse.  I was privileged to be in it (the main girl...yeah. intense. and if I ever get ahold of the recording of our version to stick on youtube, I'll be sure to show you guys).  listen, I'm the first to admit that I'm hardly a humble person, but being in that skit humbled me.  broke me.  I...can't even describe.  it's still emotional for me to watch--like, in the very best of ways--but wow.  powerful.  God was at work that night.

there were lots of other things that happened at camp.  things that were good and hilarious and fun and wonderful and memorable and full of Jesus.  there were also things that were hard.  things God showed me.  things I'm still processing.  things I could use a lot of prayer for.  I'd appreciate it.  He is good.

shout out to some of the best friends I could ever, ever ask for.  (like these.  and lots more.)  and I shall leave you with this: "my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."  I know you've heard it before.  but this time think about it. Savior is amazing.  amazing to me.

sometimes Jesus blows my mind.  I don't think I let him often enough.

have a lovely weekend, my friends. xo


  1. These are gorgeous. Love. I love warm morning light. It's perfect.

  2. can't believe it's autumn. not fair.
    my gosh, that skit was INTENSE. yesyesyes! upload it! I wanna see it. still praying for you my munchkin! love you. and these pictures. and the cornfields ;-).

  3. beautiful. also, I agree. I need to let Jesus blow my mind more often, too...

  4. I can almost feel the warmth of the sun by looking at these photos.

  5. So sad... I am going to miss this summer, especially. It brought so many wonderful things my way.

  6. Mmm yess, Jesus is soo amazing :) i love the beautiful heart you have for God and that He is the center of your life. i'm soo glad to hear that you had fun at camp! i had a truly amazing experience at camp as well and i am really, really missing it :/ if only it was once a month, instead of just once a year! anyhow, love your blog and i must say, you're such a beautiful girl, inside and out! :)

    ~Chelsea :)

    p.s. i found your blog from your comment on anna's blog, just so you know ;)

  7. p.p.s. your pictures are amazing, girl! you're really talented :)

  8. honestly, the words in this post were even more gorgeous than the photos. i think everyone needs to let jesus blow their minds more often. also, that skit gives me chills every time i see it - i can only imagine how moving it must have been to be in it. xo

  9. Wonderful photos Jennoelle! And I'd love to see your version of the skit, especially if you are the main girl! :) I'll pray for you!

  10. Oh dear Jesus. I do not give Him enough credit for just being Him.

    In reply to your question: I decided to go with Wordpress because I wanted a more simple blog - somewhere that I felt like everyone wasn't competing for the most comments and views (you can still follow me, just hit the add blog button on your dash.) And yes, Tenth Avenue North is THE BEST. Love you too, and thanks for being so awesome. xx

  11. I did the skit Everything this summer as well when I went on a mission trip to Haiti. Like you, I got to be the the "main girl" in the skit. The experience humbled me and taught me so much. Its so cool we can relate in this small but huge way. Love your blog <3

  12. Hi Jennoelle!
    Beautiful blog you have here! Could you consider following me back?
    I have 2 giveaways going on!

  13. I love summer.. but I love fall more. =) Beautiful pictures as always. And that skit must have been amazing! I saw the video years ago, and it gave me goosebumps then and still does now!

  14. Your pictures are beautiful! I found your blog through Katie's blog ( and really enjoy your photography!


  15. Beautiful pictures! :)

    I know I have asked you this already, but will you come follow me? I plan to have a giveaway when I hit 100 followers! :D

    It would mean a lot to see your name in my following list! :)


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