Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Yesterday

Bonjour mes amis!

C’est moi, Cassie!

Don’t worry, I won’t write in french the rest of the time, Jenn would kill me. But if you don’t know who I am (I should be famous on this blog by now…) I’m the older sister of Jenn. 

Yep, that’s right. The most important person in her life. Right my dear? ;) But no, really.  In fact, I find it incredible that this is my first guest post on her blog! It’s about time. And I feel special because Jenn asked me to write on quite a special day. But I’ll get to why it’s special later. 

As some of you can probably guess, Jenn and I have quite the history together. In fact, she’s been in my life ever since I was 15 months old.  And I’ve never been out of her life. (Wow sis, you’ve never had a life without me! Although I’ll probably die first… sniff. Haha ok I’m done.)  I’d say our relationship started out pretty well.  Except for that one instance when I was 2-years-old and slapped you while you were nursing because I was jealous of all the Mommy-lap-time you were getting.  But after that, I’d say it was an uphill climb, and I can’t remember having another best friend besides you.

There are some things you need to know about Jenn that she probably hasn’t made a point to tell you herself. When she was born into this world, I had a hard time pronouncing her name. So it turned into Nini, derived from jenNIfer.  Believe it or not, folks, our dear Jenn was called Nini for the first 10 years of her life. BY LITERALLY EVERYONE. Some of our relatives still call her that.  

Jenn also happens to be one of the most stubborn people I have ever known in my entire life.  Seriously, she ticks to her own clock, and there ain’t nobody that can make her move faster or slower.  I gave up trying a long time ago. ;) Maybe that’s because I’ve shared the same bedroom with her for as long as I can remember… living with a person does change things.  And when she was really little, Jenn used to say, “When I’m 17, I’m going to have 1000 babies!” You sure did have Mommy a little worried at one point with that one. :P

Speaking of babies, Jenn and I have already discussed thoroughly that enormous, unknown, and terrifying step of life in the future: marriage.  Yes my friends, there is an agreed system about this between the two of us. If I don’t like her guy, he’s out. If she doesn’t like mine, he’s out. If one of us likes a guy, and the other sister decides that maybe this guy possibly has some potential, the guy goes under what is called the “scrutiny phrase.”  In other words, he will have to pass the hardest test of his life, given by the sister of one he likes.  If there are any guys reading this post (do you have guy followers?), I’m warning you now that this will mark the most difficult period of your life.  I give you one last chance: TURN BACK NOW.

Mine and Jenn’s relationship on this matter is accurately described by this song from White Christmas: “Lord help the mister/who comes between me and my sister/and Lord help the sister/who comes between me and my man!”  Take a listen. It's been our sister theme song for years. :)

Then there is that thought that popped into my head recently.  I mean… what if she DOES get married first?  We’re only 15 months apart, it’s certainly possible.  That would be so… so weird. Lol. Like, I’m really happy for her already, but no no NOOO! What happened to us always saying we’d never get married, huh?  Can’t we just be together forever?  But, if worse comes to worse, and some weasel-headed fruit fly does make it into your life, I promise to give the best maid-of-honor speech this world as ever heard.

OH MY WORD! Sorry for this break in the train of thought, but I find this a very interesting facet of my life, so while I’m writing I might as well share it. I just got up to fix myself some lasagna for lunch (you know, my little writer’s pose) and there is a MOUSE IN THE BREAD BAG! Jenn knows that she’s the one who’s scared of spiders and bugs, but it’s me who’s terrified of mice. I about died. And the bread bag is right next to the microwave. So now I’m eating cold lasagna. (By the way Jenn, I’m sorry for that one time I picked up that dead horse fly and waved it in your face… I probably shouldn’t have done that, but you really didn’t need to get Mommy involved. I would have stopped and said sorry eventually.)


Today is a special day for the world my friends, which is why I’m honored to be chosen to guest post today of all days. It so happens to be the 18th birthday of my best friend. EIGHTEEN. Can you believe sis, we’re both “adults” now? HAHA. What a joke… ;)  I feel like just yesterday, we were playing Family of friends, carrying around our 20 stuffed animals and being their moms. 
Just yesterday, we’d dress up like Little House on the Prairie girls and play in the cabin out back. 
Just yesterday, you’d help me with my spelling book, and I’d help you with your math. 
Just yesterday, we’d run outside in the springtime and splash in the swamps in the woods. (Remember that time we found a fish in one of the puddles?) 
Just yesterday, we’d go ride our “horses,” which were just fallen branches that bounced.  
Just yesterday, my cat was Spots and yours was Simba. 
Just yesterday, we’d hide in our bedroom and watch movies in the dark so Mommy didn’t know. 
Just yesterday, you’d ask me to snuggle at nighttime, and I’d say, “Okay, for 10 minutes.” 
Just yesterday, I’d steal your stationary and scrapbooking stuff, but you’d steal my clothes. (Admit it dear: I had an earlier fashion sense than you.)  
Just yesterday, we’d drive up to theater practice belting out Les Miserables, Love Never Dies, and Wicked. (Remember when you always sang the Glinda parts, and I was always Elphaba's?)  
Just yesterday, both of our hair was so long, we’d do them up in Princess Leia buns for the robotics competitions. 
Just yesterday, we took a speech class when we were 9 and 10 years old. Our last speech topic was our favorite person in the world, and you choose to talk about me. You got a better grade than me on your last speech too… I probably would have done better if I had chosen to talk about you.  
Just yesterday, we went to Miss Angel’s art classes and made those ceramic fishes and smiling suns. 
Just yesterday, we’d run outside during a thunderstorm half naked with umbrellas and got soaked. 
Just yesterday, we’d get super hyper because we’d be going to a Broadway show.
Just yesterday, we’d race down the driveway, but you always won because you were always faster than me.   
Just yesterday, we’d say we’d never EVER get married and agreed to travel the world together, you taking the pictures, and me writing about our adventures. 
Just yesterday, we’d lay in bed and talk and whisper for hours and hours, till 3am in the morning, like we were having a sleepover. And by the end of the conversation, I’d be saying, “Goodnight Jenn, I’m so tired…” And you’d say, “Cassie? Can I just tell you one more thing?” (One more thing usually meant at least 5 more things.) But I’d always say yes.

And look at us today. I smile. Yes, I’m not there for your birthday. Kind of an important birthday too. I’m in Québec, Canada, off having my own adventures, learning a new language, making new friends, growing closer to God, discovering things about people, and realizing certain things about myself.  And do you know what I’ve missed the most this entire 7 months without you?


Sometimes I’m like, where is Jenn when I can’t decide if I look stupid in this outfit? Where are you when I have a funny boy story or a blonde moment (of which I have many here in Québec as well. Many blonde moments, that is :P)? Where are you when I really need a new facebook profile picture, miss photographer you? Where are you when I need a good laugh, like a good cry laugh, and you know the type of stuff I find funny? Where are you when I need somebody to read my mind because I don't know how to say it? Where are you when I'm reminded of an inside joke that only you'd get? Where are you when God tells me something that I need to share with someone who understands me, because you practically know everything about me: every struggle I'm struggling, every relationship I’m going through, every song I’m singing, every perspective I’m having, every feeling I’m feeling, every story I’m living. There’s no other person in the world I’d tell FIRST.

Je t'aime, ma meilleure amie.

And I miss you. I really do. There are those moments when I wish I had my best friend here to laugh or tease or slap you about something. But heck, it's not like we’re not completed updated. I talk to you practically every week. I send you dancing kid videos and you send me back-home friend updates. I send you french jokes, like this one: “Pourqoi on laverai des serviettes de bain si quand on sort de la douche on est suposé etre propre?” Because you were the only person I could think of who’d get it. We talk about our friends, our family. Our awesome, handsome brother, and our growing up adorable younger sisters.  About God. How He’s working, moving, in our lives together and apart. About what it means to be filled with a burdened desire to abandon everything for Jesus. ABANDON EVERYTHING. I don't think I know what that means yet, but I'm praying for it anyways. I'm praying for us.


So this is long. It’s a lot to write about the past 18 years of your life!

By the way, I love how you’re like “do you maybe want to hijack my blog to post on my birthday? tomorrow?? a lot of nice things about meeee?? hehe I don't care what you do really…but be nice.”  Haha. I hope I was nice enough and didn't spoil too many of your embarrassing life secrets. :P

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU my dear lovely, dramatic, out-going, smart, crazy, mischievous, talented, stubborn, beautiful, determined, awesome sister/friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eat some cake for me, since we can both afford it! (female Geiger joke… lol).

Peace out, lovelies.

your sis, Cassie


  1. Awww you guys are both adorable! Happy Birthday Jenn!

  2. This is beautiful. <3 Happy birthday, Jenn!

  3. Cassie, this is fabulous and sums up so well the Jenn we have come to know through UO.

    Many happy returns of the day, Jenn! You have such a fun and beautiful spirit that, as anyone who reads your blog can tell, you are using to bring glory to God and joy to those around you. Have an absolutely lovely day!


  4. Happy 18th birthday, Jenn!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, Cassie! I could relate a lot--I'm fifteen months older than my sister and we're best friends too. =)

  5. This is beautiful. This post tells us a lot about Jenn, but it also says a lot about you, too, Casssie. If everyone could be so lucky to have a sister like you!

    Happy birthday Jenn - enjoy it!

  6. aww. is so adorable!!! I loved it. and you guys are both drop-dead gorgeous!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jen!!!


    Cassie, you've got the gift of powerful words!! And Nini(hehe), HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it's amazing!

  8. Happy Birthday Jenn(;
    Have a lovely day! You're so inspiring to me and I love your posts.
    Btw, about your tweet, if I had your phone number I would call you. So pretend like I did call you and I sang you happy birthday and we had a long talk about theatre and such.
    Xx Riley

  9. You two both have the same adorable crazy personality. ;) I can see why you're best friends {as well as sisters. duh.} :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENN!! :) Hope this year is the best yet. You are finally an "adult"! hehe. You are a wonderful and talented young lady and God has big plans for your life. Stay strong in Him, and don't evah change. ♥

    Birthday hugs from AZ!


  10. Your relationship is so sweet :) Haha now I really wish I had a sister :) Happy birthday, Jenn! Hope it's absolutely amazing!

  11. Happy Birthday, Jenn!! Thanks for telling us about Jenn, Cassie. Hope you're enjoying the winter in Canada. :)

  12. Oh goodness. This made me long for a sister. So precious.

  13. I normally freak out when I see a really long post, but this one was too sweet I had to read it word by word. Have a terrific, blessed birthday, Jenn! And thank you, Cassie, for this post and all those facts on your sister! Ya'll are both so awesome!

  14. This post is one of the sweetest I've ever read, Cassie. I love how you two are so close. :))

    I said it already, but I'll say it again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!! hope your day is absolutely fab, and I hope you have a blessed 18th year of life. :). ((hugs!))


  15. oh my gosh, I loved this so much that I - I can't even - yeah. my wordyness. you and jenn de la creme are soooo adorable and gorgeous and beautiful and cute and and and I want you both to come over to see me in NZ & england, ok? ok. I know that I've already said this twice, but HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE JENN DE LE CREME! my leetle spchootnick. are both, like, old women now...heyheyhey, when it comes to the whole guy thing, do I get a say in it too?? coz I'm pretty good at findin 'em! right jenn?
    ok. I'm done. but I pretty much just love you both. kthanksbye.

  16. Happy Birthday!
    Great guest post Jen :) You need to guest post more!!! You made me laugh so hard :)

  17. Happy birthday!
    this is so cute, love the sister relationships:) love my sister ever so much:)

  18. oh my goodness. this is just... just... PERFECTION. You created SUCH a good post - I savoured every word it it!

    Also, HIPPYHAPPYHOPPY birthday, Jenn!

    much love from england,

    xo acacia

  19. This is so awesome! Happy birthday, Jenn! :)

  20. Cassie, you so presh.

    But no really. this is amazing.

  21. awh this was so cute, happy birthday Jenn!



    thank you to all you lovely people for the birthday wishes. <3

    and Cassie. you will always be my favorite. you may or may not have made me tear up. just a little. okay. I'm a sap, I cried, let's get that out of the way.


    I so missed having you around on my birthday. this was the next best thing, I guess. ;) I want to pinch your little cheeks and chat your ear off till 3am again. come home. I love you.

  22. Okay, first off, this was adorable.

    Secondly, congrats on making TeenPact staff again Jenn! I'm a staffer this year as well. Are you going to staff training? If so, I can't wait to meet you!


  23. This is such an excellent post!
    Happy birthday Jenn!

  24. Uggggh! This makes me want a sister!!!!!!!!! Your two are the best. :)

    Jenn, I hope you had an awesome birthday! Expect an email from my soonish!

  25. This has made me so happy to This post just tells me how much you love and value each other. I'd love to be a better, closer sister to my three darlings, and this post has helped me see that it is possible! :)


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