Sunday, November 18, 2012

so you wanted to hear me sing, eh?

One time I was talking with a group of friends about singing and one of them told me I had a good voice.  I couldn't think for the life of me when he had ever heard me sing, and he couldn't remember either, and then one of my other friends said, "But Jenn, you're always singing."

It's true.  I like to sing.  I like to sing a lot.  Sometimes I sing in the library or on the bus (why do people give me weird looks when I do this?) and sometimes I belt Broadway tunes in my car (my belting may or may not be a joke) and sometimes I jam with friends (while being jealous of their musical abilities--I mean seriously, why hasn't anyone taught me how to play guitar yet?).

So recently you all suddenly got this idea in your head that hearing me sing would be nice.  I'm not really sure where you got this idea--honestly it rather surprised me--and I don't pretend to be a musical prodigy by any means (I wish).  But it made me smile nonetheless.  And it just so happened that my friend Andrew and I have been meaning to record a duet that he wrote and that we sang together at a cafe's open mic a couple months ago.

disclaimer: Andrew is altogether more musically talented than me (more accurate version to an above-stated question: why hasn't Andrew taught me how to play guitar yet? ahem).  Go stalk him because he is wonderful. jk stalking is weird. I'd never do that, heavens no.

As you can tell, we had a lot of fun recording this.  My brother Grant was behind the camera making all sorts of faces, and we kinda felt like hipsters, and yeah so apparently I have a million different laughs.  Andrew and I are singing together at another open mic next month, so I'm excited about that.  Yup.  Yeah.  Basically I enjoy this video a lot.  Hope you do too.  Now I'm going to stop rambling.  Watch the video, okay?  Tell me what you think.  Alright?  Cool.

ps--you're welcome for being so kind and obliging and letting you hear my singing when you asked for it.  I'm incredibly nice, I know, I know.
pps--if you follow me on twitter/noticed in the video, you may see that I got myself a haircut, yo.  like, a week or two ago?  yeah so that happened.
ppps--uh I have nothing else, I just wanted another postscript.  bye.


  1. Awww, that was such a sweet song!! You both have great voices. Oh, and the beginning and end just cracked. me. up. I literally laughed out loud. "Wuv! TWU WUV!"

    p.s. by the way, thanks for commenting on/following my blog! i've been meaning to send you an email or something. you know, just to say hi. so. hi! =) we should chat sometime.

  2. ditto what petie said. that end bit literally made me laugh out loud too.
    you are so adorable!!! and I lovelovelove your voice. SINCE WHEN DID YOU GET YOUR HAIR CUT. ITS SOOOOO CURLY NOW TOO!!

  3. You are such a great singer! I wish I could sing like you :) And I love how you did your hair! I have curly hair too, and I've been trying to find new ways to do it, so maybe I'll try that!
    -mal :)

  4. basically your voice sounds exactly like I imagined it did. and you sing SOO beautifully!! (You too Andrew) this is my new favorite song. Ever. day = made
    I was cracking up at the end.
    heyheyhey, could the next song you sing maybe be a Broadway one?(; that would be lovely.
    xx Riley


  6. um, do you have formspring? because get ready....

    anyways, I lovelovelove this. like, when we meet in real life some day, that will probably be the happiest day ever.
    okay. love you, soul sister :)

  7. ohmyword, Jenn. This is so perfect. So much love for this! You're voice is WHOA.

  8. okay, so this is totally adorable. :) you two are having WAY TOO MUCH FUN filming this! {Or you 3, okay.} great song, great voices, great video, great... yeah. ;) oh, in case you didn't know, I thought it was great. yup. ;)


  9. wow, you both sing so beautifully!! I enjoyed the video very much, thanks so much for posting it!!!

  10. I love this. So much. Wanna sing more? And post? :P Anyways, tell Andrew he wrote a great song.

    And your voice is super-lovely. :)

  11. oh good grief. i seriously died. you two are precious and so is this song!

  12. Holy wow, you guys are good. And your voice is so gorgeous.

  13. wow. this is really good. and I loved the way you filmed it, and andrew is a really talented song writer. so yeah, I loved it. :)


  14. oh my goodness!!!! This song is amazing. Really love it! And your voice? It's beautiful!

  15. LET ME LEARN YOU IN THE WAYS OF THE GIT-FIDDLE. just tell me when. sheesh act like its my fault just because I don't randomly show up at your house and say HEY I'M GONNA TEACH YOU NOW STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING and yes I'm calling you out publicly because you called me out in your post trying to make me look like a terrible friend and I'm not letting you get away with it okay that's all.

    p.s. thanks to everybody for watching, love you. (love already? yes. deal..)

  16. :) laughs, that interdiction was so awesome!
    very good voices! .awesome. post.

  17. I never imagined your voice to be like this!!! It is amazing. O.o
    Do you have any tips?

  18. Your voice is beautiful and I so enjoyed watching this clip! :)
    Keep at it! I love that original song!


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