Friday, December 14, 2012

i love you more than all the stars

hey kids.

update just cuz I haven't been around much lately.
or this month at all.

so uh, what happened?
I had finals (bleh).
I had flu (bleh).
at the same time.
and there were other forms (and yes good ones too) of craziness.

in other news I'm on break right now.
yes yes yes.

also I went and saw "the hobbit" midnight premiere yesterday night/early this morning.
it was so fantastic.
and martin freeman is wonderful.
and whoa how is kili so attractive when he's a dwarf.
and I can't wait for the other two films even if I'm still not sure why there's three of them.
and afterwards I saw three shooting stars.
(I love stars.)

after pulling an all nighter (kind-of-halfway-but-not-really intentionally?), I left this morning to drive to canada.
cuz sleep is overrated.
just kidding I love sleep.
and I'm finally here to pick up cassie and bring her home for good.
yay yay yay.

if you're wondering, I'm really cozy right now.
and dude also coffee is fantastic stuff and I maybe kind of do get hyper at times.
I also enjoy talking to myself.
especially in accents.
hey it happens, stop judging me.

and ya know, long car drives make me really happy about all the cd mixtapes my friends made me for my birthday.
lots of new and good music.
speaking of music, I'm currently listening to music in French.
speaking of friends, I have the best ones.
sometimes my heart wants to burst with how much love I have inside for people.

my brain is so fried.
I need bed.
good night.


    I agree with your very concise summary of your opinions on it. I'm also very glad to know I wasn't the only one who thought Kili was attractive....even as a dwarf. :) How late did you stay up afterwards? I did the same though I didn't need to drive to Canada in the morning. Haha!


    1. I...didn't sleep at all...yeah. it was an all nighter. I left for Canada an hour and a half after getting home from the movie. gaah. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. :D

    2. Ouch. I stayed up with a friend just talking and catching up until 6 AM. Say WHAT?!! Haha! But yes, SO SO SO WORTH IT!

  2. Sometimes my heart, too, wants to burst with the love I feel for people. I was just thinking about that the other day...I suppose it's one of the better feelings out there, yeah?

    I also know what it's like having finals and the flu (well, not really the flu, but just being sick). It's definitely not one of the better feelings out there. One more week, though, and then I'm free!

    Also, I have, admittedly, never read/watched Lord of the Rings, so over winter break my friend & I are going to marathon it. And then maybe go see the Hobbit. I'm glad you liked it! Midnight premieres are so much fun, but I haven't been to one since Harry Potter.

    You should definitely get some sleep. And so should I, probably. Have fun in Canada & with Cassie!

  3. this made me giggle. you're such a gem.

  4. this reminds me of posts i wrote late at night during college, haha. i hope you're enjoying your break! ps. where did you cross over to canada? if you crossed over in detroit, next time you go, you best tell me! i'm not far from the bridge; maybe we could do coffee?

    1. i should say i'm not far from the border. but i'm not far from the bridge, either, haha.

    2. we went up through new york. BUT. considering we're only a state away, I would lovelovelove to meet up sometime. :)

  5. gah gah gah i loovvveeee you so much. your thoughts and your words and YOU in general are just, well, purrfect.

    xxxx acacia //capturelife

  6. i cannot WAIT TO SEE THE HOBBIT. I actually love Fili so STINKING MUCH THOUGH. A braided mustache is a sure way to win my heart.

    1. YES ERMAHGERSH okay Fili is really great too, yeah. yeah.

  7. Ahhh the Hobbit was amazing!
    I squealed when Richard Armitage appeared. and I squealed over Kili too. He's so attractive.
    I'm so glad you're getting Cassie. My sister just came home for Christmas, and I know how wonderful it is.
    xx Riley

  8. Love this awesome bit of randomness, Jenn. ;)

    And loving someone so much you want to burst? Yep. I know this feeling.

  9. hey you. you're pretty amazing and I'm excited that you get to see Cassie and I talk to myself too (alllll the time, like it's an addiction or something) and I'm really happy that I know you. !!! :)

  10. I went to the midnight premiere of the Hobbit too, and it was so much fun :) Pretty much everyone I've ever known was in the theater - it was awesome :) Ok, don't judge, I haven't seen LOTR and I was kinda lost during the Hobbit, but which one is Kili? Haha guessing from your description of him I think I can guess ;) I had some major fangirling moments over Richard, pretty much every time he came on the screen ;)
    So glad you get to see your sister!
    -mal :)

      THIS IS KILI. sorry I would hyperlink it but I'm too lazy at the moment. also, please go watch LotR right now. :)

    2. Ahh yes... that's who I thought you were talking about :) I know! I want to see them, but my parents have a rule that I have to read LOTR books before I can see the movies, and that's not happening anytime soon, so I'm kinda stuck :(
      -mal :)

    3. but...but...the books are so fabulous as well! so do read those sometime soon. I want to reread them soon too...

  11. So much bleh -- No bueno! Long car rides are fun though! Tons of sleep, and thinking, and food and sights!


  12. I love long car rides, and Canada is fantastic.


    p.s. I thought of you when I saw an ad for the Les Mis movie...

    1. WHAT. oh my. oh my gosh. are you serious? this...legitimately makes me so happy inside.... *HUG*

  13. Yes, the Hobbit was brilliant! I loved it.

  14. Feeling desperately left out as everyone is talking of The Hobbit and I haven't seen it. BUT! I can relate to the awesomeness of long car rides, all-nighters, new music, COFFEE and loving someone so much it hurts.

  15. "sometimes my heart wants to burst with how much love I have inside for people."

    This. So, so this. <3 Haven't seen the Hobbit yet, really, REALLY want to. *crosses fingers* So glad it met expectations. :D

  16. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who talks to myself in an accent... lol

    Love this.

  17. I love, love, love, love, love you so MUCH. <3


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