Friday, August 24, 2012

des macarons

Oh ya know, just some macaroons from Strasbourg.  It was my first time every having them.  Delish.

I've been oh so busy recently--classes started at the university this week (oh yes, I've taken to saying university now. so classy.) and let's just say I can already tell I'll be kept on my toes.  But along with some of the necessary drudgery classes, I'm also taking a photography course (which I'm already super excited for), and a theatre class (in which my professor looks like Hugh Jackman and in which today we focused on relaxation which basically meant we laid on the floor for half the class. I ain't complaining.).  So that's fun.

Speaking of theatre, I have an audition tonight!  For my precious little community theatre again--it's for their fall play.  I'm so so excited--I'm auditioning with a friend with a piece from The Importance of Being Earnest.  If you could pray for it going smoothly, that would be beyond fantastic!  Have a loverly weekend, my friends.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

a last hurrah

I'm sitting in the living room as I write this.  All the lights are out and there's only the hum of A Knight's Tale playing on the TV, the keys on Cassie's laptop clicking as I type, and the occasional laughter from three girls.

Oh yes.  Cassie's laptop.  I'm with Cassie!  In Montreal.  I couldn't mention this before, but for Cassie's birthday last week, my mom and I made the long drive to surprise her.  It was...grand.  And the past few days have been spent with her in and about Montreal, meeting her friends and coworkers here, being shown around her favorite places, and generally having a good time being with my best friend again for a couple days.  I love her, amen.

This has been my last summer hurrah, really.  These past few months have been full of adventures--literally chock-full.  And in a few days I start school, so with this week, this trip, this small, short, relaxing time, my summer comes to a full end.  But more on that later, because I have different stories and pictures for ya'll (Cassie: "You must take photos of me; I need new profile pictures!").

Also, I'm coming home Monday, and bringing with me Clara.  Clara is a friend of Cassie's (and now mine) who lives here in Quebec, but she's originally from France.  She's spent some time with us here and it was spontaneously decided that she would come home with us for two weeks before school starts for her to practice her English and have an adventure of her own.  So yeah.  That happened.  And it should be an exciting time.  I'm sure you'll hear all about it.

How crazy awesome is that?  We met Clara, joked about her coming to live with us for awhile, and now I'm bringing home an adopted French sister for awhile.  Dude.  People need to be spontaneous like this more often.

Also, it's really weird to be watching A Knight's Tale, because my only other acquaintance with it is when I was driving home from New York City and the girls were watching it in the back seat.  So I've heard the whole thing, but haven't seen it.  It's odd, because I've already formed opinions on it after hearing it all.  Strange, and funny.  Anyway.

Tell me about your lives.  Summer ending?  School starting?  Adventures happening?  Okay bye.

:), Jenn

Saturday, August 11, 2012

a reminder...

the following is an excerpt from my journal, written after having been in Strasbourg for a week, inspired to great thoughtfulness by some quote about how to relieve life's tedium.  gee, I need to get back to writing.

Is life really tedious?  Sometimes yes; sometimes definitely yes.  But a lot of times, it is far from it.  Maybe it is stressful, maybe hectic, maybe crazy busy.  Maybe peaceful, maybe contented, maybe full, maybe satisfying.  Maybe full of routine, maybe full of surprises.  But far from monotonous.

I feel like "surprising" is a good word to describe life.  It's never quite how you expect it to be, yet sometimes it sneaks up and is exactly how you want it to be.  Sometimes it meets your expectations, sometimes it defies them.  Sometimes it disappoints them, and sometimes it exceeds them.  But that's just the mystery and adventure, isn't it?  That no matter what, it's sure to take you by surprise.

"Extraordinary" is also a good word to use to describe life--yes, in its very literal sense.  More than ordinary.

I'm sitting on a bench by the canal here in Strasbourg.  Mommy and Lori are talking--she just got back from Paris this afternoon--and we're eating strawberries and listening to the water and chats in French from nearby people.  Life right now is...definitely not tedious.  It's pretty sweet.

helloooo, take me back there.  I'm having a lesson in contentment in life recently, because life really is sweet.  sometimes I'm my own best reminder.
ps--guest posting here and here recently.

Monday, August 6, 2012

parentheses + THE europe video

hello mah fraaands!  soooo.  so.  hmm.

^that is me trying to figure out if there's anything interesting to tell you.  because right now the most interesting thing in my life is that I'm painting our garage.  and I'm not sure if this means anything to you, but last week I had just about the worst day of my life involving painting the garage and the vet (no, the two aren't related at all), but then Grant took me to see The Dark Knight Rises that night and we even got free popcorn.

this weekend I was spontaneously called to work at the shooting center (GUNS WOOHOO) where I've had a summer job for several years (but missed earlier this summer because...I was in Europe, yo).  so off I went.  I worked a different part...not trapshooting like I usually do, but this event called sporting clays which is much more interesting and all the shooters are so much nicer.  I didn't understand it; I even asked them why the trapshooters were so cranky and they were so friendly.  they laughed at me.

I'm healing from a few days of suffering from a monstrous sunburn--seriously, I haven't been this fried in my whole life.  (just kidding, because I can remember some pretty painful days as a little kid after days spent at the beach.)  the first day of trapshoots I forgot sunscreen (genius) and was placed to work at the one station that was in direct sunlight all day long, probably because my supervisor hates me.  (except he really doesn't; he was just punishing me for leaving him for Europe, hah.)  all the shooters were coming up to me offering me sunscreen (thank the Lord) and drinks (alcoholic and otherwise...) because I'm sure you could actually watch me turning redder as the day went on.  so much pain.  plus I wore this shirt that my friend Abigail calls my bandit face shirt, because the back has this criss-cross design that looks like a mask.  so besides the fact that I'm sunburned, I also am sunburned with really awkward tan lines.  joy.

th'other night I went to a musical that my friend Andrew co-wrote (stupid musical talent), and that my friend Ben was acting in.  it was hilarious and great and it's just a lot of fun when you know people involved.  I went with my friend Gracie (and Grant, and my mom, because all my friends love my mom more than they love me), and she and I could not stop laughing.  and then we went to Steak n' Shake afterwards and had a lot of funny/awkward moments involving the straw game (please tell me you've played this) and Gracie's stuffed animal penguin named Jake (who obviously came to Steak n' Shake with us).

so.  SO.  I need to head back to hacking my brother's facebook and painting the garage, but I shall leave you with this video I made of our adventures in Strasbourg, Paris, and London.  ahh so many memories.  I've been home from Europe a month and three days, which is just crazy because it seems like yesterday.  and because I still haven't even talked to you kids about half of what happened.  don't worry--you're not escaping that.

enjoy and have a fabulous week!  (and also use lots of parentheses because they're fun.)