Monday, December 31, 2012

twenty-twelve: a recap and recollection

Looking back on the year 2012 is almost overwhelming. I can hardly believe that at the beginning of this year, I was still rehearsing for Emma.  That seems so long ago.  Twenty-twelve has been so incredibly full.  I have checked so many items off my bucket list.

I performed in Emma as the lead, which was basically a dream role for me.
I bought my first camera. Bert. I love him. And second-shot a wedding right afterwards.
I went to Florida for the first time. I got more involved in the pro-life movement and had so many life-changing experiences and interactions on my first Justice Ride. I became passionate about protecting the unborn.
I staffed my first TeenPact state class, where I made lasting friends and memories within a week, was stretched outside of myself, and was challenged by that position of leadership.
I shot my first senior portraits for multiple friends.
I went to NYC for a weekend, my first roadtrip with just me and a couple friends. I saw Newsies on Broadway, the real Broadway, the original cast.
I went to Europe. I went to Europe. I lived for a month in Europe, journaled every day, so much of which I stil have to blog. Lived, breathed, explored Strasbourg. Fell in love with Paris. Was awed by London. Saw Phantom of the Opera on the West End. Had my first blogger-friend-meet-up, and became friends with Jess for life.
I embarked on my second Justice Ride, was challenged again in ways I did not expect, and saw lives changed.
I made friends and lost them, and found out some about who my true ones are.
I roadtripped to Montreal to surprise Cassie for her birthday a few months after saying goodbye to her for longer than ever before.
I started and completed my first semester at the (huge) university, which was an adventure all on its own.
I went to Labor Day Camp and faced some of the most difficult experiences of my life, yet God taught me so much.
I performed in Sleepy Hollow and took a theatre class that both helped me grow a lot and made me realize that theatre is so my passion in life.
I turned eighteen, which is still rather crazy to me.
I brought back my sister for good and visited Philadelphia on the way back.

Tonight my family was gathered on the floor of my little sisters’ room and we decided to pray together, and I was suddenly marvelling at all the opportunities and experiences I have had this year.

I have travelled more than I ever have in my life, seen the most amazing places, met incredible people, had unparalleled experiences.  I have cried harder than I care to remember and yet laughed even more.  I have learned a lot about friendships. I’ve grown closer to people I never would have expected to.  I went without my sister and bestest friend throughout life for six months and learned a lot about myself in the process, but also realized how much I cherish her and the rest of my siblings.  God showed me a ton, which hurts in a way that is good.

I have lived so fully and I feel so blessed and grateful and humbled by the people in my life and the things I’ve been able to do. There have been really hard times, I'm not going to lie, but there have been an overwhelming amount of good times, wonderful times. Moments that I replay in my head and will remember forever.

These past few hours of 2012 have been spent quietly with my family. My grandma is here and we've played cards and are watching a movie, and I'm just reflecting on all I have to be grateful for. So, so much is coming up in 2013 and I'm praying for guidance with the many opportunities I have ahead. This year I really want to focus on praying. To pray without ceasing. To pray for my enemies. To keep up a constant dialogue with God, because after all, that is how you deepen a relationship, and I want that more than anything.

God is really good to me. Happy New Years, my friends. What has been your favorite moment or memory of twenty-twelve?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmastime is here

I love that they were out fixing the (cutest ever) snowman in their pjs.
Tess has been getting excited for awhile now.
me and my best friend/sister (who is officially home from quebec!) dressed up for christmas eve
I am very serious about wrapping gifts. very.

Christmastime is here, say what?  I feel like it always sneaks up on me.  Between running off to Quebec to fetch Cassie home for good, coming home to non-stop excitement like late nights and last-minute shopping and parties/gatherings and seeing the zoo wildlights and cleaning my room, and a good ol' dose of snow that may or may not be melting now, this past week has been busy in the best of ways.  Break, how I love thee.

In other news, I am deeply of the opinion that anyone who has never attended a Christmas Eve candlelight service needs to get themselves to one immediately.  Or rather, next Christmas Eve.  I just love it so much--it's seriously one of my favorite parts of the season.  Actually I just love Christmas Eve in general.  I slept in, chilled in my pjs for the majority of the day, wrapped various last minute gifts (seriously guys, I put more thought into wrapping than buying), ate our dad's traditional amazing meal (Pakistani themed this year), dressed up and headed to church, and came home to dessert and sparkling grape juice and opening the little gifts stuffed in our stockings and a (hilarious) movie with my mom and sister.  My favorite thing is how excited my little sisters get over small things.

Tomorrow my grandma comes to visit us and I'm also going to see Les Misérables (!!) in the evening with a group of friends.  Seriously that's maybe the best thing about this Christmas in my opinion, let's be honest.  Just kidding I know the best thing is Jesus, don't judge me.

And now, to bed I go in order to catch some sleep before my little sisters wake me up in excitement.  Have yourselves a merry little Christmas, my friends.

ps--guest posted here th'other day for my lovely lil jess whom I adore. she's presh.
pps--I don't even know why, but I particularly enjoyed your comments on my last post so I replied to a good number of them. you guys are the greatest. okay g'night.

Friday, December 14, 2012

i love you more than all the stars

hey kids.

update just cuz I haven't been around much lately.
or this month at all.

so uh, what happened?
I had finals (bleh).
I had flu (bleh).
at the same time.
and there were other forms (and yes good ones too) of craziness.

in other news I'm on break right now.
yes yes yes.

also I went and saw "the hobbit" midnight premiere yesterday night/early this morning.
it was so fantastic.
and martin freeman is wonderful.
and whoa how is kili so attractive when he's a dwarf.
and I can't wait for the other two films even if I'm still not sure why there's three of them.
and afterwards I saw three shooting stars.
(I love stars.)

after pulling an all nighter (kind-of-halfway-but-not-really intentionally?), I left this morning to drive to canada.
cuz sleep is overrated.
just kidding I love sleep.
and I'm finally here to pick up cassie and bring her home for good.
yay yay yay.

if you're wondering, I'm really cozy right now.
and dude also coffee is fantastic stuff and I maybe kind of do get hyper at times.
I also enjoy talking to myself.
especially in accents.
hey it happens, stop judging me.

and ya know, long car drives make me really happy about all the cd mixtapes my friends made me for my birthday.
lots of new and good music.
speaking of music, I'm currently listening to music in French.
speaking of friends, I have the best ones.
sometimes my heart wants to burst with how much love I have inside for people.

my brain is so fried.
I need bed.
good night.