Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i do what i likes, and i likes what i do

This is a little post concerning theatre, how beautiful it is, and how it is the love of my life.

amen and amen.

(also about the latest show I did yaaay)

You know how you read about people who were musical prodigies at like, three years old?  Or you know people who are pretty much whizzes at some particular subject, or who just have an amazing knack for something, even if they don't know it?  You know how some people just find their niche in the world and realize it's what they want to do forever and ever because it's just what they're meant to do?

A year and a half ago I looked at those people and sighed a little.  I think I've probably said this before, but I had this innate desire to be exceptionally good at something.  Not just moderately good at a lot of things.  Because yeah, I sing a little and play a little piano and speak a little French and started going to college when I was freaking fifteen years old and do photography to the best of my not-very-extensive ability.

A year and a half ago I was talking with a friend about that--wanting to have that niche, that thing that was exceptional.  That friend was my fellow actress in Emma, my second show and first lead role.  I will never discredit how much I learned during the entirety of that production.  I don't even know if I realized it at the time, and I'm not sure I could tell you in so many words what exactly it was that taught me so much.  I know I grew as an actress, that's for sure.  And you know what I realized?  I realized that I was totally and completely in love with theatre and that suddenly...suddenly I felt like I had a thing.  A niche.  And it was mine, not me trying to play or photograph as well as the next person and constantly knowing it wasn't up to par.  Theatre and I just...clicked.  IT WAS LOVE GUYS.

I still consider Emma to be one of my greatest experiences as an actress, and since then I've just wanted to do more and more and more.  Seriously--if I'm not involved with a show for a long enough time, it...it's problematic.  I start to miss theatre a lot.  I just want to do it forever.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the first show I've done outside of the small community theatre I started out with, and it's been a growing experience in a completely different but really great way.  It's different from anything I've ever done, considering that it was theatre in the round (audience on all 4 sides with the stage in the middle) and that it was really conceptual and minimalistic.  I played Veruca Salt (forever cast as the bratty girl) (but those are the most fun to play) and I came to love how diverse our cast was, from theatre majors to younger kids to those who had never acted before to those in it for the love of the game (meeeeeee).  I got some great encouragement about continuing on with theatre in the future, and just...GUYS there is no better feeling than after a smooth opening night when you've finished your first show and you're high-fiving and hugging your cast members and people file by telling you good job and yet it hardly even matters what other people think because you yourself love it so terribly much that you could burst from all the happy.  I want to marry theatre, is that weird?

Anyways all that to say that Charlie is over and God is good and theatre is my favorite, favorite thing.  Here, have some pictures, onstage and backstage, instagram style.

But before that please someone tell me you got the Mary Poppins reference in the title.

ps--also you can pray because I'm planning on auditioning for (two) musical(s) all within the next two weeks aaaahh.  and I am on instagram, if ya didn't know. (@jennoelle3341) (though not all of these are mine) (shush stop judging me for stealing, if you click on them they're linked) (okay bye)


  1. Niche. (it's honestly such a cool word. I just love the sound of it.) But yeah. I think mine is writing, even if I don't feel like I'm in love with it all the time. But that's how love works, right? It's an action, not a feeling.

    Unfortunately, writing doesn't involve performance...which is something I miss a lot. I've always loved the stage...anyways, I'm not going to rant. ;) Just looking at your pictures made me miss preforming. Looks like you guys had a blast! Sending some prayer your way for those next two auditions (but I'm sure you'll ace them)

    1. Olivia! Who says writing doesn't involve performance? I'm a writer and I'm looking forward to and hoping and planning for the day that I'll have book signings. And talk in front of large groups of people. And be interviewed on TV and radio... Ok, so maybe I'm dreaming high, but what is life without dreams?
      So now you're probably wondering what a complete stranger is doing commenting on your comment like that. Forgive me, it's just my passion for writing and the whole shebang coming out. =) I'm really not annoying as I might sound. All that to say, I think that performance, although maybe not on the stage, is a huge part of writing.
      I probably totally missed your point though, didn't I? Again, forgive me! ;-) ~Aidyl

  2. as soon as this post came up in my dashboard, dick van dyke's voice started going through my head. so yeah. BE PROUD JENN.
    i can't wait to see what a wedding between you and theatre would look like. can i be a bridesmaid?
    p.s. i'm telling you, andrew needs to stop being so adorable. freals. don't tell him i said that.

  3. this was so fun. and i'm kind of jealous because if i could i would totally be in musical theatre. but i love hearing about yours, so YOU GO GIRL.
    p.s. i'm echoing simi's post script. ahem.

  4. :D Teehehe! So this post made me smile. You are a splendid actress my dearest dear.

  5. How exciting Jenn, I acted in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' with my home schooling co-op over a year ago, I auditioned for Veruca, but was too tall to play it, so had to be one of the parents! But it was certainly a great experience, I'm sure yours was too! :)
    You're going to make a wonderful actress, and I don't think it's weird at all that you want to marry theatre...when's the wedding?!
    Holly xo
    p.s. TOTALLY got the reference to Mary Poppins the moment I saw this post in my dashboard! :D

  6. If you're the kind of girl who would marry theatre, I the kind who would just date/court or maybe get engaged to it. While my love for theatre has grown (currently acting in a year-round play that's about to end), I've also come to realize it isn't really my niche. But it's definitely fun to join plays once in a while. And I'm so spiffin' happy you finally found something you absolutely love! TAKE IT TO BROADWAY, LADY! Oh, and bratty/bad girl roles are the best. How come I never land in one?

    xo and great photos, by the way,

  7. Awww Jenn I love this post. So much musical theater love (a passion unpersued due to my extreme lack of acting ability *grin*). All the pictures are lovely and I'm sure you were a brilliant little bratty girl ;) Come on, acting bratty and annoying for fun? Hello, awesome! (and I think you would have to be born a hundred billions years ago to *not* get that Mary Poppins reference).

  8. "GUYS there is no better feeling than after a smooth opening night when you've finished your first show and you're high-fiving and hugging your cast members and people file by telling you good job and yet it hardly even matters what other people think because you yourself love it so terribly much that you could burst from all the happy. I want to marry theatre, is that weird?"
    NOPE. Not weird.
    So, I'm also in love with theater. I'm in a play right now that's in the round! It's been such an interesting experience with the blocking. It's also my first lead role. I love drama, because every part you play is different the last. You get to embody someone else entirely. So many great memories.

  9. this is awesome. Theater is a nice niche to have:) I bet the show went splendid! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would have been a fun one to see:)

    and oh yes. I still feel like I need to find my niche. I love music (I play the violin) I feel like that maybe could be...or maybe photography. it's not an easy thing to find... *sigh* ;)

    but seriously, if I could act (I guess I have never really tried! hah!) I would totally do theater:) it always looks so fun (y'all look like you had a blast from your pictures:)

    (thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, too:)

  10. A.) I totally got the reference in the title. Dick Van Dyke for the win! :)

    And B.) a few years ago my homeschool group put on a production of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and I was Veruca Salt as well. It was a fun part to play.


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