Thursday, May 23, 2013

a vlog in which jenn is excited

I'm convinced there is no way to title a blog post with a vlog in it without putting vlog in the title.  I tried.

So here you are: a vlog in which I obviously try to fit the word "excited" or "exciting" in as many times as possible.  No seriously.  You will also meet one of my cats and hear me ramble about auditions and talk about graduating and also what I'm up to this week.


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my first vlog (heheh)

I also was going to put this in the video but a) I forgot and b) it ended up long anyway, but at the TeenPact state class I staffed I met a girl who read my blog (hi Olivia!) and she didn't know me before in real life/didn't know I would be her staffer.  whaaaat.  I asked her if I was different in real life and she said not really so I think that's a good thing.  Anyway it was (wait for it) exciting.

In other news, as I briefly mentioned, yeah, my good-for-nothing travelling sister left me again for Guatemala last week. sob.

Like I said in the video, tell me about your lives!  See you all when I get back. xo


  1. Great vlog Jenn!! You are awesome and so pretty! :) Thanks for posting it!!! and congrats on graduating!!!

  2. I wish I was the lucky Olivia who got to meet you IRL. ;) maybe someday, if you ever decide to visit Canada again.

    This summer I'm hoping to do a lot of nothing. :P Like, take way more time off than I did last year and read...and write...I know, I'm boring. I'm taking a couple of swimming courses (lifeguarding and stuff) and working at my church's daycamp, but other than that I don't have too many plans.

  3. OMG, Jenn, greatest vlog EVER! Seriously, though, I loved it. :P It was cool hearing you talk about auditions because I've been wanting to try out for a production by my community theatre as well, just for the fun of it. :] Aside from that, I'm also visiting the US so I'm sure this summer will be a blast. :D Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic summer as well! Have fun! :D

  4. Tina Fey's rules for improv:

    Agree and say "Yes, and..."
    Make statements.
    There are no mistakes, only opportunities.

    She's the best.

  5. Haha! This is great. I loved it.
    With my summer I'll be going to do a photography internship, going on a missions trip to West Virginia, and going on vacation to Maine with my family. Fun fun!

  6. Yay, love your blog. I love cold reads!!!! So much fun I'ld audition at our local theater just for cold reads.... I wish I wasn't out in the middle of nowhere so I could be apart of our local theater. Oooo I'm graduating too. Fun stuff. Teen pact sounds neat. I wanna go do that t, is it totally worth going??? You beautiful Jenni have that awesome summer you talking about.

    1. TeenPact is incredible. if you have a chance, do it.

  7. I'm so excited for you Jenn, I just wish I could do all the thing you're doing this summer (winter for me)!!!
    This winter I'm doing school, although I'm performing a musical with my choir in June, which will be exciting...but I'm just chorus, nothing special :)

  8. I love listening to birds sing sweetly in the spring too. It's one of my favorite things about spring...just thought I'd throw that out there. I'm always like "Oh! do you hear the birds! So pretty!"

    Oh it was so much fun to hear about your acting endeavors! And encouraging too because it's super nice to know that a brilliant actress like you ( at least I imagine you are because of the roles you've been chosen for and the amount of experience you've had ;) also has a hard time with improv. It is definitely not, my forte either. :D It was also great to hear what other types of auditions are like. I auditioned at a small local theater group and we had to do a few improvs. Talk about nerve wracking!! haha but it was fun. I totally understand not feeling like you could do better, but when you're given things to do on the spot like that, you're bound to not do as good as you know you can because of the pressure (when I say you, btw, I mean people :). I really like the idea of cold reads. That sounds like lots of fun.

    Ah, musicals are my absolute favorite. I personally think that musicals are much more interesting than regular plays. They just add so much life and beauty to a play. I was in a musical for my first play ever. It was so much fun! It was an original work done by my director, and the songs were all original too, so it was a play that hadn't been done before. I'd love to be in a musical that is more well-known someday Les Mis ( I still have yet to see that play, It's one of my dreams!), Sound of Music, or Beauty and the Beast.

    I'm really just SO excited for you...your being in theater all summer and all. AH! :D Theater is definitely one of my favorite things. I just got done being in a Little Women play. Even though I didn't get one of the main roles, I had a BLAST. I really think that once you get the theater bug, there's no stopping you. I want to be in as many plays (good ones, of course) as the Lord allows. :)

    What am I doing with my life? :D Well, I'm working on graduating high school. I just have to finish my requirements and then I'm a graduated girl!!! YAHOO!!! I'm also going to be a part of my church's volleyball ministry, and go to our summer camp which I'm really excited about. Yeah...that's about it right now. Thanks for asking!....really. :D I hope you like long comments. ;)

    Have fun with your plays! I really enjoyed your vlog. I really want to meet you someday. Twould make my day. I think we may have a lot of things in common, theater being one of them...and well...that's a big thing.

    ::hugs!:: I hope your day is lovely and beautiful.


  9. Ohmygosh you're so cute! and the birds did sound super pretty and the kitty is adorable too.

    There's a lot going on this summer for me. Heading to Africa in six days which is so amazing and crazy it doesn't seem real. Your summer sounds like it's going to be great too. And I love how ya always say God is good. He sure is.

  10. Good job on the vlog. :) I loved hearing about your audition/play made me more excited about my musical coming up! Can't wait!! It's going to be so much fun, but also pressuring because we only have two weeks for rehearsals then it's show time!

    Auditions are scary stuff, but are totally worth it if you get the part you're after. :) Congrats for graduation soon!


  11. oooh, what a cute vlog haha, you make it look so easy. eheee, i love how excited you got over the birds. :D
    lil' ol' me? wellll, for this summer i'm looking forward to adventure of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. road trips, little outings, new experiences... you name it, i'm up for it. ;) but right now it's work work work. and coffee. can't forget the coffee.

  12. ok, so, I love you lots and lots. and I'm so excited for all of your theatre stuff...and also, very excited about you becoming a famous actress. yup.
    so I have said, so it shall be.
    summer? sorry, did you say summer? ENGLAND NO HAVE SUMMER. NOT EVER. IT'S SUMMER-LESS. I have plans to verbally abuse your brother and start a business and go to a conference and read lots of books and design lots of websites and probably die. ok, well, maybe not the die bit. but you never know. and my mama just drew richard armitage for me. so I'm officially happy. cool.


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