Monday, May 27, 2013

buddies for life

Anyone whose brother has ever left them would probably agree with me that it's cruel and unusual punishment.  You see, it happened first with my sister.  Up and left me to live out of the country for long periods at a time, moved out and left me with a room to myself for the first time ever.  And I'm not saying that wasn't entirely weird and sad and rude and unprecedented, because it was and is and will continue to be.  But all through those times, I had Grant beside me.

You see, Grant and I weren't always best of friends.  He and Cassie and I all fit within a two and a half year time span, so growing up we were, of course, very close.  But there was also a time when the clique suddenly became me and Cassie, and the little brother fell to the bottom of the line-up.  Those years make me a little sad to think of.  And I'm not sure when it happened, but at one point, Grant and I became really good friends again.  It's not like we ever weren't friends, but we just...clicked.  Grant gets my sense of humor like few do, and he's one of the weirdest people I know, but I love him to death.  We both like people and like being funny and he lets me hang out with his friends (who are consequently some of my favorite people) and introduces me to good music.  We can hang out and be awkward together and play with Brooke and Tess and take random Starbucks runs and sometimes I'd ask him about girls and sometimes he'd ask me about boys and we'd make fun of each other just because and he'd teach me to play ukulele and on my bad days he would come and sit on my floor with me and try to make me laugh.

And when Cassie left, we bonded on a different level.  Because suddenly we were the two oldest kids in the house, and our social events meshed a little more and same with our music taste and we did things together more frequently.  I don't think I realized even then how much I loved that.

About a week ago, Grant and I were driving to see the midnight premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness, and he was just switching on some music in the truck when he said, "I'm glad you're with me, Jenn." "Going to the movie?" "Just in general.  I'm glad you're with me.  You're my buddy.  Let's be buddies for life, okay?"  It had been a really rough day and I'm not sure if he saw me tearing up as I drove.  "Okay."

That kid.  He's leaving me to spend a couple months in England.  I'm so so excited for him and this opportunity and the incredible experiences he's going to have and the people he's going to meet and the memories he's going to make.  I'm also a little jealous, but that's beside the point.  For the first time, I'm left at home without my two best friends in life.

I dropped Grant off at the airport today.  Honestly, it's day one and I'm already feeling slightly lonely.  I cried a little right before he disappeared behind security, which seems silly because goodness, he'll be back in August.  But I'm going to miss him so much.  I'm going to miss sharing this summer with him, like we shared so much last summer, traveling Europe and then back to our adventures at home.

Graaaant.  Granny, Graham Cracker, Grantina Eugina.  Have the time of your life.  I love you.  I can't wait to see you again.  Let's be buddies for life.


  1. brothers are the best. right up there with sisters. my big bro went off to school and yea...what you said. the best part is when he comes home and can be hugged him whenever. =)

  2. Oh please don't even get me started thinking about brothers leaving. My only sibling and best friend in the whole world is going to be going off to college after next year, and I have no clue what I'm gonna do without him :(

  3. Pretty sure you guys get the cutest siblings award! ;)

    I know (a little) what you're feeling. There's something awesome about little brothers, and the one closest in age to me is probably the one I'm going to miss the most when I go to college.

  4. gaaaaaah, now you're trying to make us all cry, aren't you? ;) those pictures are precious. i'm sure you will treasure them in years to come.

  5. I don't know what to say. This is just...really sweet! Brothers make nice buddies. I learned that after spending many crazy times with my two younger brothers.

    And Grant's staying at England for MONTHS? I may be envious too.

  6. Grantina Eugina? Love it. Haha :)

    This post is incredibly special and sweet. Makes me want to foster better relationships with my siblings. "buddies for life"? I kinda really love that phrase. I want to be buddies for life with my siblings. This post encouraged me to work hard on my relationships because life is short...and God made me their sister. Sometimes I take that incredible blessing for granted.


  7. I'm honestly tearing up because just before I read this I had been fighting with my younger brother about some silly little thing. This just reminded me how much I love my siblings and I shouldn't take them for granted - they won't always be around. This post is so lovely.

  8. awwwwwww. I'm tearing up. Man, this was so sweet. Shows how valuable relationships with siblings are. My older brother and I are great friends. He's graduating though, and will be going to school :( I'm gonna miss him like crazy!

  9. Aww, this is so sweet. What a great reminder to not take my brothers for granted. I'm sorry you're brother is going away. That's hard. The summer will go by fast though. :)

  10. Woah.. sorry. *your*, not *you're* :)

  11. This is the best! and I'm gonna miss my bro too, so I guess we can relate. :)

  12. oh this is so sweet.
    I sister is leaving me for college. not cool. it will be only me at home with my parents. weird stuff.
    I bet he will have an ahhh-mazing time and have many adventures!

    oh, and you guys are pretty cool. cool sibling award goes to y'all;)

  13. wait....which brother are you talking about? hehehehe. nah he's ok I guess. I mean, he's telling me all your secrets, so that's good. also, he has killed my sister. yeah. just thought I'd tell you that your brother is a murderer. ok, cool. haha.

  14. I loved reading this post so beautiful to have such a wonderful relationship with your brother, love the pictures of the two of you! :)

  15. Wow. I have to echo Petie up there, you are trying to make us all cry, aren't you? This is too sweet.


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