Monday, May 6, 2013

forward & back

(photos from a spontaneous river-side camera-in-hand stop on our way home from philadelphia in december. these will always be my favorite girls.)

I feel like what I want to say is going to sound really deep and profound and boring when that's really not my intention at all.  There's something I find funny, and that is how much and how quickly things change, and how easy it is to remember how it all was.

See that sounded way too deep.  I think it's funny.  Why can't I make it sound funny?  Work with me, words.


My grad party was this past weekend, and it was all kinds of wonderful.  I had fears that no one would show up and it would be a gross disappointment in comparison to Cassie's last year (because let's face it, she will forever be more popular than me), but I was mistaken and it was quite lovely and dang, I just love the people in my life.

looking forward:
Explaining to people fifty gazillion times what my future plans are actually (surprisingly) made me super excited for what's ahead.  I don't know that I've ever been this excited for summer, especially for not really going anywhere or doing anything extraordinary.  I mean, it was last year the day after my last final that I was flying over to Europe, and I don't feel any less excited about staying home all summer (besides the hopeful occasional roadtrip).  But it's cool how okay I am with that, because God has been good and guess what I'm doing all summer?!

If you guessed theatre, you are correct.  I auditioned for two shows at the end of last month, both with production companies I've never worked with before, both musicals (which I've never done before).  I was so nervous, and pretty uncertain about getting a role.  I got one in both.  Whaaat.  The Music Man and The Wizard of Oz, and I'm just in the ensemble for both, but I'm ecstatic and just really content.  And after my first rehearsal (also this past weekend), I can't wait to dive into a summer full of what I love best.

looking back:
But back to my seemingly deep thought at the beginning of my ramblings.  Big events like grad parties tend to make one slightly reflective of the past.  I can't help but marvel at how different everything is from one year ago, from Cassie's grad party even.  Friends that have come and gone and stayed and events that have changed my life and me, as a person.  Going through old pictures as I created a slideshow for my grad party definitely made me nostalgic, but it also made me so grateful for how good I have it.  Even in this past year--and it's been a big year for me--I've had so many opportunities and made so many memories and even when I feel lost, wow I've been blessed so much.  Things have changed, but sometimes God uses change for the best.

"If we don't change, we don't grow.  And if we don't grow, we aren't really living." -Gail Sheehy

I'm excited to really live this summer.  This year.  This life.
What are you most excited for this summer?


  1. Gosh, I love you and your words so much. xx

  2. What am I most excited for this summer? YOU TO ROADTRIP TO MY HOUSE! Yes...I just used that as a verb. Can I do that? Sure, why not. Haha!
    I'm so so so glad I got to be there this weekend! It was as spectacular as you are! :)

  3. ah, okay so these pictures are like super adorable.
    you and your sisters are all so gorgeous!
    congrats on graduating! exciting/marvelous/wonderful stuff fo sho:D

    also, what camera + lens do you use? your photos are always simply wonderful:)
    (and that quote is pretty great, too:)

    1. thank you, dear! I have a Canon Rebel T3i, and at this point I just have the kit lens (18-55mm). (:

  4. Woohoo for grad parties! Also, your summer sounds exciting!
    (Thanks for all your sweet words on my posts! xox)

  5. hey, so i love you. like, alot. that's all.

  6. This is just beautiful :) And so much like what I'm feeling at the end of this school year heading into summer :)

  7. I really like you and your sisters...a lot.
    And go girl with the theatre productions, looking forward to seeing and hearing a little more about that in months to come! :)

  8. wrote a post about change yesterday, too. isn't it so funny? and you gals are sooo pretty.

  9. Your photography is stunning! I just found your blog and i love it:D

    ~Emily Rose

  10. Wow that second photo is pretty awesome. I'm most excited to see a very good friend of mine who lives way too far away!


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