Friday, May 17, 2013

summer bucket list

I've been compiling a list full of things I want to do this summer, things that are actually possible for me to do within these next few months.  I want to check every one of these off by the end of the summer.  Basically I want life to be exciting and adventurous and intentional, even in the small things.
  • go swing dancing at nyohs
  • take a weekend roadtrip (or two or three)
  • start my day in the Word, every day
  • get a different haircut
  • make people mixtapes for no reason
  • send letters for no reason
  • find a four leaf clover
  • find favorite photography spots
  • do vocal exercises more regularly
  • take my little sisters on little outings
  • learn simple piano and uke songs that I can sing along to
  • read harry potter
  • read more c.s. lewis
  • read the great gatsby
  • read life of pi
  • read through pieces of les mis again
  • actively choose joy
  • skype my absent brother and sister regularly
  • skype/call my absent friends more
  • invest in listening to people instead of always trying to have something to say
  • be online less and selflessly present more
  • get ice cream from a musical ice cream truck
  • die to self more and more
  • write poetry and short stories
  • journal often
  • focus on quality over quantity in my friendships, work, and life
  • get photos in a photo booth with someone
  • discover new musicals
  • go to the theatre and bring friends too
  • go to a drive-in movie
  • consistently pray for people
  • finish sorting/editing/blogging my europe pictures
  • watch a tv show (suggestions welcome)
  • stretch daily
  • drink lots more water
  • ride a ferris wheel
  • go to at least one midnight movie premiere
  • spend more time outside
What do you want to do this summer?


  1. I LOVE this.

    If we do go on a road trip it can't be on a weekend because I have to work every Saturday so we actually need to plan something feasible. But like really, I feel like that will be a wonderful moment in my life.

  2. Love your summer bucket list. It sounds perfect! This summer, I'm an assistant counselor at my church's summer kids that will be so much fun. I would love to write more, work on various projects, work on photography and videography. Also, I want to read bunches and hang out with family. :)

  3. This sounds like a fantastic bucket list! I really should make my own.

    Oh, and shows? Sherlock. End of story.

  4. Always love your list, Jenn. Yes to discovering new musicals and reading The Great Gatsby (a personal fav). As for TV show suggestions, Jeeves and Wooster. It's hard to beat. And A&E's Poirot. David Suchet is incredible and Agatha Christie brilliant as always. Of course Sherlock and Downton are the absolute best but I know you're already a devoted fan of both :)


  5. NEW GIRL, Psych(!!!!!!), Castle, and Heartland(!!!!). AMEN.

  6. This is sort of a brilliant list. I wish you luck in your endeavors and hope I can join in on a few of those! :)

    As far as TV shows go.....PSYCH. Monk and Numb3rs are also pretty good although I haven't seen all of those. Once Upon a Time if you can take the cheesy special effects, and I'm sure you're way ahead of me in Downton so I can't offer that. Hehee!

  7. okay, i am all about bucket lists and this one is awesome. i've actually been working on a summer bucket list to hang in my room. mind if i steal a couple of yours? ;) you mentioned vocal exercises... do you have a youtube video or website you use to get those? i'm starting to sing a lot more and could use some tips... ooooh, you're going to read the great gatsby. that's a good one.

    tv show? i watch zero american tv shows, but could probably outwatch anybody in british tv shows. ;) the bbc's lark rise to candleford and robin hood are both pretty amazing. the former is more low-key, but dramatic and very funny; the latter is adventurous, hysterical, and so full of win + jazz + swag it's unbelievable.

    1. steal away! ;) as for vocal exercises, I took a vocal class last year and I'm currently in the middle of vocal rehearsals for the musical(s) I'm in, so that's really where I get my knowledge from--things that my instructors/directors do. I'm sure you could find stuff online though!
      and ah yes, I've begun bbc's robin hood, but I really should watch more of it. thanks love!

    2. I'd love to hear about the vocal excercises you do! I want to strengthen my voice. :D

  8. I really want to see a midnight premiere too!!!
    And do read Harry's such a wonderful series :)

  9. This bucket list is awesome! "Send letters to people for no reason", Yes! :)
    You are so pretty, just saying.

  10. I like this list. Going swing dancing sounds pretty awesome!

  11. yay for bucket lists and summer!
    a drive-in movie?!? dream. that would be so fun! especially if it was like an old classic movie. double dream. ;)
    ohh tv shows. well. I just started watching Dr. Who...which has been interesting + good.;) I also (okay this may sound silly but...) am really into the tv show LOST. ah, I think I had promised myself I would never watch it...but five seasons later;) hehe
    wait.wait.wait.wait you play the ukulele?! awesome. I had been wanting to get into the ukulele! it looks so fun and cute;)

    this summer I have a mission trip soo I want that to go well;) also, try new summery recipes! :-)

  12. This is a great list! Swing dance is so fun, and super easy:D


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