Thursday, May 2, 2013

this is it.

Two big announcements:

ONE: I'm done with school.  woooooppeee!  My last final was Tuesday, and that's simply fabulous as far as I'm concerned (though I don't officially graduate till the beginning of June).  ooh, graduating.  weird.

TWO: Last week was just...the best week.  It gave me a totally fresh perspective on life and a renewed joy and hope and man, I don't know about you, but God shows his faithfulness to me soooo much. As in, crazy wowness every single time.

What was last week, you ask?  TeenPact.  yessir.  I wrote about my experience staffing with TeenPact last year, but...gee.  I cannot say enough about this ministry.  It is so much more than government because it's just centered around God.  TeenPact people are the best people.  It's amazing that the group of us can be thrown together on Sunday and by the time we part ways on Friday night we're friends and on no other basis but Jesus being the common factor between us all and we're all here ultimately to serve him.

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you probably already saw an obnoxious amount of quotes and pictures,'s more.  yay.  (some blurry because of poor lighting and people taking my camera while on manual haha.)  The week was kinda crazy because we were in a different room almost every day, which made for a lot of switching and coordinating and adveeenture.  I really love our statehouse.  It's so pretty and so fun to explore.  Yeeeah buddy.

For graduation of the four-day class students, we get to go in the House chambers, where all our Representatives actually sit, and have mock legislature (among all the other fun graduation stuff, like Matt and Jordan singing "I'm a Little Teapot").  It's pretty cool.

A good number of the students stay at a residential camp for the week, and as exhausting as it is to be "on" 24/7, it's also extremely rewarding and just...God does cool things when a bunch of people come together wanting to follow him.  I felt so underqualified leading a group of girls like that, but I was reminded over and over that my Jesus uses broken vessels, and he worked both in and through me the whole time.

The one-day class at the end of the week is full of very energetic younger students, and it was really the craziest day of them all.  But whadaya know it actually all went remarkably smoothly, and my little sisters were there being adorable and stuffs.

It was difficult not pinching all their cheeks, ya know.  Everything that day was for the last time which of course is always bittersweet.  The staff also had fun drumming on the mics.  ahem.  But ya know.  This is it.

After graduation of the four-day class on Thursday, we huddled in an alley with the rain and two dying cameras and got some staff pictures.  It was windy and awesome.

And then afterwards, the guys surprised the girls by not only treating us to Starbucks, but also providing us with cups that they'd written notes on for each of us.  Have I said it before?  TeenPact people are the best people.

Friday night after eveeerrything is done and there's no more responsibilities--that is when, I believe, the kid in all of us come out.  There was volleyball and future plans made (to go shopping? Sam?) and Julia and I went a little crazy on the trampoline.  I love these people.

We also had a ceremonial signing of Pete the pot, who has been travelling to many TeenPact classes around the country and gathering signatures on the outside and inside jokes on the inside (get it?) along the way.

My conclusion from the week?  God is a pretty cool dude.  This week happened when I just needed it, and I hardly believe that God's timing is an accident.  I'm so grateful, and so looking forward to seeing these people at the alumni event/camp (National Convention here I come!) at the end of the month.  Until then, my favorite TeenPact peeps.

ps--photo cred for the whole staff team and the one of me at the end goes to jules. :)


  1. Looks awesome! And congrats on finishing up school! I'll be finishing tomorrow -- excepting my dual enrollment college classes, which are another two weeks, I believe. :P But YAY FOR BEING DONE!!!

  2. jenn jenn jenn this is wonderful. what a beautiful week! makes me want to go do teenpact now, haha. and that whole the-guys-writing-on-the-starbucks-cups thing? ummmm, they deserve a medal for that. and that picture of all the staff on the street, looking all serious and gangsta and famous, was kinda the best picture ever.
    CONGRATS ON GRADUATING. seriously, girl. that's big.

    (oh, and anna totally looks like michelle dockery. the end.)

    1. you mean...julia? hehe. yeah I can actually totally see that from her pictures! funnnny.

    2. ohhh... yes. of course i meant julia!!! :P i have no idea where i got anna....

  3. Aww this looks like soo much fun! I participate in Youth and Government, which is different, but we get to do mock legislatures in on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives too, and that's tons of fun :)
    -mal :)


    1. oh my gosh WHAT I'm so excited. :) :)


    3. ohhh sorry, hehe. by NC we mean National Convention, the TeenPact event. :)

  5. How awesome is that??? Wow, looks so great...what a wonderful opportunity given from God??!!

  6. Wow, TeenPact looks/sounds incredible!

  7. Haha Matt and Jordan did "I'm A Little Teapot" at my state's TeenPact too :) (Indiana). (Actually, Jordan was one of my committee leaders.)

    This is so awesome -- TeenPact is an amazing program that I was truly blessed to be able to participate in. This was my first year but I'm really looking forward to going back next year. The best part to me was the staff, like you. Y'all give me hope for the future of America :)

  8. Teen Pact looks like it is an incredible expierence. Some friends of mine did it, and they really enjoyed it.
    I'm so glad you learned lots and God impressed some amazing things upon your heart!

  9. God is a pretty cool dude.... and so is Jordan.

  10. I LOVE this! I attended my second TP week this past year in Kentucky.... and it is just as amazing as you described it! (if not more;) I am SO excited for NC and cannot wait to see what God will do next through the TeenPact nation!


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