Saturday, June 22, 2013

you are my sunshine (vocal/uke cover)

there are times when this, below, is really the extent of the musical ability that I can coax from myself. I love music. who doesn't love music? actually, me, I hate music, it gives me too many feels. but seriously. (I have a hard time being serious sometimes whew.)

I started playing piano when I was 5, so you'd think that playing for thirteen years now would make me a musical genius, but alas, I still struggle pathetically through my sheet music and have difficulties being friends with people more musically talented than I. somewhere along in my early teens, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to play the flute, because Cassie wouldn't teach me to play guitar (she was selfish and liked being the only one in the family who knew how). I stink at flute. then along came Grant's cute little ukulele, and I figured it would be my replacement to the guitar that no one ever taught me to play. so Grant showed me a few chords and I looked up a few more, and lo and behold, my talent.

"talent." heh heh. when I say that this is sometimes the extent of musical ability I can produce, it's because it's pretty much the only song on uke that I remember how to play. this song is...well let's face it, the title is deceiving and it's pretty depressing all around. but it's also very dear to me and has been for a long time. I can still remember my mom singing it constantly whenever she needed to comfort her kiddos. (my mom watching this video: "those are the actual words? this is depressing. I don't like this song anymore.") I sang it at an open mic a couple months ago, and it reminds me of happy things.

so. voila. I know there are flaws, vocally and lyrically as well as...chord-ly? (let's all laugh at me messing up that chord right at the end.) but the house was quiet and this song is close to my heart. enjoy.


  1. You have a beautiful, warm voice, Jenn. Absolute favorite.

  2. My life's dream is to play the piano. But for now I have to stick with the violin...(where i don't know most of the note names, even though i know where to put my fingers and everything automatically.)
    Your voice is really pretty, whereas my voice is like porridge going cold.

  3. so, your voice is like, awesome. ya. seriously. you're just so unbeilevelably pretty too. :) and the skies here, today, are gray. ...and you made me happy! :) woah

  4. This is so cute! I remember when I first hear the rest of the lyrics. :( My seven-year-old heart was temporarily broken. ;P

    Aside from that, your voice is at least better than mine! I've always *loved* music & singing (helloooo singing Les Mis all day) but have no talent. Whatsoever. It's rather sad.

    But I still sing anyway, to the chagrin of my family. My theory is that maybe if I sing a lot, I'll acquire a sort of okay-she-can-mostly-hit-the-notes type of voice. But that's just a theory. ;)

  5. This was so beautiful! Put a smile on my face and warmed my heart! Love the sound of your voice and the uke together!
    I love music, although I can't really sing. Actually, I am not sure if I can. Your voice always sounds somewhat good to yourself, but I have never sang in front of others, so I am not sure if I am good at all! But I simply love music and it is a big passion of mine! Your voice is beautiful!

  6. Wow that's awesome!! You have a great voice - I wish I could sing half as well as you do! For reals, I'm not exaggerating at all :) Maybe I should pick up ukulele too!
    -mal :)

  7. YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY DAY. Seriously skilled girlll.

  8. You're so this, thanks for sharing! :)

  9. Jenn,

    This is excellent!

    Ken (A.K.A. Juan)

  10. Lovely! You have a beautiful voice, and this song is special to me too! Mom sang the chorus to me every night when I was little :)

  11. ok, so basically, you suck and your voice is just horrible and why would you sing that song. HA.
    that was just booooootiful. I love your voice. and also how cute you look with a ukulele. I reeeeaalllly love that song but SOB the lyrics kill me errytime! they're so miserably happy! ehehe that lil look you give at the end of the adorable. skype soon?

  12. you is adorable. anddddd I had a dream about you last night. o.O haha, random, I know, but I thought I oughta tell ya.

  13. you remind me of those ladies from the twenties b&w movies who have the prettiest voices. this was fab.


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