Friday, July 19, 2013

a recap of The Music Man

It probably shouldn't baffle me anymore how different each and every show is, but man alive, each and every show is so different.  Besides being my first musical and the biggest production I've ever been a part of, Music Man was also the first show where I really didn't know...anyone...before it began.  I've done multiple shows with the little community theatre I started out with, and even outside of that I've had Cassie along with me.  This time it was woo Jenn has to make her own friends time. And, well, let's just say I did.

As part of the ensemble, I fell into a rhythm with each show, especially because I wasn't terribly rushed between scenes.  Costume change here, cross backstage here, chill on the kitchen table (this happened a lot?) here, stand behind the curtain mouthing all the words to that song here, read through lines for another upcoming show (oops) here, steal someone's food here, don't forget my hat here.  Oh, and when possible, take pictures backstage.  Of course.

Now if you know me at all, you know I simply adore musical theatre.  I've wanted to be involved in a musical for such a very long time.  And as much as I've loved this experience, you know what?  I really can't wait to get back to straight theatre.  I feel like that's more my niche.  I realized that while musicals will always be dear to me, I love performing straight plays and am totally content with that.  Anyway.  Besides all the I love theatre and it was so much fun stuff, this show is just...exactly where God had me at this time in life.  It was so cool, but I knew it was right where I was supposed to be.  God is good, man.

All of our performances were remarkably smooth and there were so many talented people in this cast.  62 of us, baby--and a lot of them kids, so that always kept us on our toes.  We had six shows total, and it turns out I knew people at every single performance, which was really really sweet.  There's nothing better than seeing familiar faces when standing out with your cast after a show.  And it's also fantastic chilling at Bdubs after performances, singing and laughing and staying up much too late.

These are probably the greatest two pictures ever.  Oh my word, we laughed so hard.  Clara is my buddy.

This is Jocelyn.  We decided that if I'm ever in a show where I need a younger version of me, it'll have to be her.  (yay being weird with the little ones)

Alex is...special.  Oh and then a great little story going on in that collage.  Who said the acting has to stop backstage?  And then below that, Josh, who I've been in three shows with now (Emma was his first and the rest has been history!)

Oh my word all these selfies are embarrassing.  Let's move on.  Girls in my dressing room (yay excessive makeup and hairspray...can you hear my sarcasm?), and Graham who won't ever make a normal face in a picture or let me take a candid shot.  Thanks bro.

Sometimes people stole my camera (I'm awkward).

Story time.  One time we were casually sitting backstage and one of the guys, Walker, was trying to situate a white feather on his hat that wasn't laying properly.  Out of the blue, he said, "This feather is like Jenn.  White, and rebellious."  Hahahahaha WHAT.

The three guys in the following two pictures, along with two other girls (who weren't in Music Man) and I...the six of us are going to be putting on a show in August.  I really like the play and it's going to be great fun and yay for getting to do more theatre!

My stage family were all gingers.  I didn't understand.  And after our last show on Sunday we had to strike and then we all stuck around and ate pizza.  It was great.  

ALSO this was taken after our first show and it's just about the greatest picture ever.  Oh I love my Music Man peeps.

Rehearsals for Wizard of Oz are already happening almost every day now, so I've hardly had time to go through withdrawal, but Music Man was a fantastic experience.  Vive le théâtre!


  1. "White, and rebellious." Hah! Good one.

  2. ohhhh how fun..! I bet it's an incredible experience to make friends like that and perform! You all look like you're having such a grand time. :) And your costumes are the best. y'all look pretty great. ;)

  3. OH WOW JENN!!!!!!!!!!
    What an amazing show and, so, so wish I could do something like that, all your costumes look amazing and I'm sure you guys did the best six Music Man performances e.v.e.r.
    Wow?! And The Wizard of Oz now? My my, you are a busy actress now aren't you?

    1. haha yes, from one show right to the next. I love it though, as you can only imagine. ;)

  4. You're probably the most adorable human on the face of this planet. It's so cool to see you living your dreams and being fabulous. The Music Man is one of my favorite plays and it's fantastic that you got to be in it and have so much fun. <3

  5. Wow, looks like a crazy fun time. Some day, you better put up a video of your acting skills OR I WILL SUE.

  6. You being awkward is wonderful. I loved all the pictures. They were adorable. Theater is undoubtedly one of the greatest things in the world, yes? :)


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