Thursday, August 15, 2013

you'll always be my best friend

So there's this girl. She's kinda, like, my bff. That started out sounding way more preppy than I intended. Wow. Okay.

So there's this girl. She has the travel bug bad and won't stay in the state for more than a week if she can help it. She makes ridiculous faces and says ridiculous things and is the best at making people laugh (even if it's because she's such a dork).

There's this girl. She succeeds at whatever she puts her mind and hand to. She becomes a favorite wherever she goes. She makes people feel happy and special and important and at ease and loved.

She's got this creepy good insight into people and gives no fail advice. She will listen to you pour your heart out and then point out Jesus in the midst of it all. She is fiercely loyal to her siblings, and finds joy in getting to know anyone and everyone. She's down to earth practical and hilariously blonde at heart.

She may be a little vain of her nose...and eyes...and feet...but if we're being honest, she has reason to be vain about anything, because she's like...perfect and stuff. (Hahaha jk guys she's not perfect but sometimes boys tell her...or me...that she is and I laugh a little laugh and say just wait till you see her white girl dancing.) (This is funny because we all know that my white girl dancing is infinitely worse than anyone else's ever, so let's be real, she still wins.)

She's honest and real and not fussy. She has a big heart and is willing to talk about anything. She's deep and kind and goes out of her way to be nice to people (like...people do that??). She always, always has your back--or at least, she's always had mine.

She's Cassie.  My sister, hero, and best friend.

And goodness knows I haven't always been either the best sister or friend to her, but nothing could separate us, I know that much, and I know she'll always be there for me and love me just the same. She knows me better than anyone and and gets me inside and out. And all those times she leaves me to go on grand adventures? Well, it just makes the time we have together that much sweeter.

It's the most special thing growing up beside you, Cassie dear. I couldn't imagine life without you (cuz, c'mon, I probs wouldn't have much of one). And you know how when I was little I always wanted to be just like you? Well, sometimes I think I still haven't grown out of that. You mean more to me than anything. You're a beautiful soul and I love you more than life.

Happy 20th birthday, favorite old person! You'll always be my best friend.


  1. Happy Birthday, Cassie.

    And Jen, this is so sweet and beautiful, and made me wish for a moment that I had an older sister. :) Ya'll are adorable!

  2. Happy birthday, Cassie! These is a beautiful tribute, Jenn, and beautiful pictures!

    1. I cannot believe I just posted a comment that says "These is..." I meant "This is..."! hahaha!

  3. yay! Happy birthday Cassie! These are gorgeous Jenn and I hope you guys have a wonderful time while her feet are still on the ground. :)

  4. This is absolutely adorable and SO LOVELY to read. :)
    Gorgeous photos of your sister and best friend, what a beeeeeautiful relationship you two share. xo

  5. you are just so lovely! i adore your photographs here, such a cute location too!

    lindsey louise

  6. love this! you two are so sweet and gorgeous.

    xoxo, elisabeth

  7. You are both BEAUTIFUL. Like, of the drop-dead sort.

  8. She's so very beautiful! And so are these pictures, Jenn! :)

  9. I'M FINALLY COMMENTING. So you remember my birthday night? Well I went home and read this and cried. I love you more than life itself. Well...except fried pickles, they're pretty good...

    Thank you for meaning the world to me and making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Love you sister <3


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