Friday, August 30, 2013

you're killing me, smalls!

Remember how I told you guys that Chicago was planned kinda last minute? Well apparently it's becoming some sort of bad habit with roadtrips, because the same thing happened with Nashville. Only I'd never been to Nashville before so I had no clue what to do there or how the city was laid out or any dang thing. I also was working fulltime, had two plays going on previous to the trip, had zero free time on my hands, and our internet was down. And for some reason I become the sort of designated planner for these deals, so helloinsertalotoffreakingout. Obviously it all worked out just dandily though, thanks to a long evening spent with Caitlin in Starbucks making our little itinerary. And as for our time in the city? All I can say is: thank goodness for friends with smartphones.

We left early in the morning and got there in time for lunch, and ohhh boy it was deathly warm. Every once in awhile we'd be like "um let's just casually step inside this air-conditioned building." Which equaled browsing through a museum and of course a stop at Starbucks.

DISCLAIMER ABOUT STARBUCKS BECAUSE I FEEL JUDGED EVERY TIME I TALK ABOUT IT: I DON'T CARE OKAY. ...except this is awkward, because obviously I do. listen I'm not a coffee snob and I'm okay with that, just leave me alone alright. (sorry guys my brother came home from England a coffee snob and judges me whenever I have Starbucks and I swear I'm not even a huge Starbucks fan, I just don't care okay, but sob just let me drink my coffee [or not really coffee as Grant would say] in peace. Jess I'll never forgive you for this. end rant.)

Besides trying to sneak into buildings whenever we could, we obviously attempted to cool off by skipping through fountains, no big deal. And I'm still trying to perfect the Charleston, sigh, someday.

Bekah has a very attractive seductive face, as you can see. Bekah is also the one among all of us who is actually a country girl through and through--she was in love with all the cowboy boots and hats and country music. Country music...isn't so much my thing, ahem. I know I know, "why did you go to Nashville then?" People keep asking me that. Uhhhhh cuz I wanted to yo.

Nashville was having flash flood warnings around the time we were there, and we didn't escape without being caught in a storm. Like the intelligent human beings we are, we only remembered to bring one umbrella. Brilliant. So, what to do but duck inside the most glorious candy and fudge and taffy shop? (...that place was beautiful okay.) And the rain cooled things down a bit, which was so nice.

Wildhorse Saloon (aw yeah) is this huge restaurant/bar (so um. a saloon. ya know.) that has a lot of live music and also line dancing every hour! So we went for the food (hmmm fried pickles) and the music (eh) and the dancing (because obviously we're cowgirls at heart).

Then we headed to the night light show at the botanical gardens, which wow was absolutely lovely--I wish my camera did it justice. There was some live bluegrass music in the dark and this gorgeous mansion with a museum inside (yaaay art makes my heart happy) and we basically just walked through it all singing hymns. It was a wonderful way to end the evening.

Our second day there was just super chill. We first visited um um um what's it called, Centennial Park? Yeah that. With the full-scale Parthenon, which we walked around singing and laughing and taking lots of photos and yeah singing some more, because I do that a lot.

(^all of us being Cassie in photos^)

We spent some time shopping in this massive mall (I got theeee coolest boots, kinda like combat boots--I wore them for the show I was in a couple weeks ago yippee), and then. And then. Get ready to get your minds blown. There's this place called the Opryland Hotel (or something like that, I think it probably has a fancier title), and I swear that place is like a town in and of itself. It has its own little shops and restaurants and gardens with rooms that have balconies that overlook it all. wut.

So it was a pretty full and great weekend, I'd say. And dang, so cheap, I don't think I've ever been on such a cheap roadtrip (yay free stuff!). Everyone who wants to go on roadtrips: just do it. Economize, split gas prices with your friends, pack food, and look for all the free stuff to do in town. It's so doable, and fun, and chill, and full of memories, and...okay I'll stop. But it was honestly the best way to end the summer.

ps--Bekah said "you're killing me, smalls" a lot.
pps--have you guys had any epic end-of-summer last-hurrah happenings?
ppps--please answer truthfully: a) do you like Starbucks? and b) do you like country music?


  1. first off, I love your face. so glad I could start this comment off with something creepy like that. your lil starbucks rant actually made me laugh out loud, but it's ok, coz I still love you. so much so, that I won't answer question a) coz that would just be terrible. I'm not entirely sure why you went to nashville without inviting me, but I've come to the conclusion that it was because you were too embarrassed about a *ahem* certain *ahem* coffee franchise that *ahem* shall not be named. roadtrip you say? ok. cool. I'll be over in a jiffy, so just quit school or something kthanksbye.

  2. Um, you should have told me you were coming to Nashville! We could have met up. ^_^

    It's so odd to see you in these places that are so familiar to me. (Seriously. I went through thinking "Oh my goodness, it's the bench I like to swing & write in! Look, I know that street! Eeep, they went to Opryland!")

    I'm not a huge Country music person. ("You live in Nashville, you should love country music!") I've tried, and the limit for me is Carrie Underwood & Taylor Swift. And Taylor Swift is not even country anymore...

    Also, I'm a total Starbucks snob. It's probably due to the fact that there are probably 50 Starbucks shops in the Nashville area and whereabouts, and I've been to at least half of them. ;) Also, I have my coffee either black, or with every possible whipcreamcaramelfudgeshaving sort of toping (There is no in-between.) and Starbucks is not too overwhelming in that untouched state.

    Bree Holloway
    (P.S. Tell me next time you're in Nashville!)

  3. dude. going to nashville is on my bucket list, mostly because i love country music (and starbucks for that matter. actually, make that coffee in general).
    also, these photos are rad. and ya'll are really really cute.

  4. okay. um. hey jenn? uhhh could you and i... i don't know... like go on an amazing roadtrip sometime to some amazing place and just be amazing together? juuuust wonderin'. ;)

    i went to nashville once a looong time ago, but i remember loveloveloving it. and i would totally go back again in a heartbeat. and yes i love coffee, and starbucks is a special treat. yes, i luuuuuuuurve country music. but i'm picky about it, too...

  5. Fun! I really like Nashville. Isn't that hotel so fun? I live a couple hours away and it's one of my favorite places to go and just walk around and take pictures. I got to stay there a couple times and opening the room doors to the balcony and listening to the waterfalls is *so* relaxing.

  6. Yesss, smartphones. I need to get me one of those. O.< but geez, Jenn, you make me want to go on a roadtrip. And right now I just can't. All of your posts and pictures and *siiiigh* :P

    1. Yes, I like Starbucks, but I'm not like a die-hard fan or anything
    2. ditto for the country music. depends on the artist. I think a lot of it sounds the same, sometimes...

  7. That looks like an amazing place! Sweet roadtrip :) Jenn you have such a talent for taking pictures which are full of vibrancy and life.

    Haha nice one Jess, your coffee snobishness really does rub off :P

  8. Aahh, this looks like so much fun. I love to travel. I've never been to Nashville, though. Beautiful pictures! Yes, I do like some country music. Yes, I do like Starbucks. Actually, I love Starbucks. Love. Love. Love. :)

  9. Ahh, I haven't been to Nashville in years! I'm going there in October for a Hunter Hayes concert, so yes, I do like country music, but not all of it. I'm jealous that you got to see the Parthenon and dude, you were only a few hours away from me! Come back please? Oh and I had to laugh when you mentioned the deathly heat and flash flood warnings: that's Tennessee weather for ya.

    Oh, and Starbucks? I don't like coffee at all, but I do like their fraps!

  10. Now I feel like I need to add Nashville to my (ever-growing) list of places to visit. It looks magical! Amazing photos!

  11. This post made me so happy to girls all look like you had marvelous adventures and are SO PRETTY.
    I reallyreallyreally want to go to Nashville now. :O

  12. Your group of friends seems amazing. I want a circle like that. Your pictures aren't trying to put off a false image of a "lovely" or "perfect" life, they're just honest shots from a real teen girl's life. I love that.

  13. I have been to the opry mall! It's an awesome place! My godparents live in nashville:) Also, the "cassie" picture is hysterical, love it!


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