Wednesday, September 4, 2013

backstage at Mumford & Sons

Now before you go all "whaaat?!" on me, yes. yes. Backstage at Mumford and Sons. And the whole Gentlemen of the Road tour, including the fantastic Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And yes, I'm going "whaaat?!" just as much as any of you.

So here's the deal: my brother and his friend Elijah went to an Edward Sharpe concert on Thursday because Elijah knows Christian, the lead guitarist in the band. Christian, being a cool guy, said, "hey if you come to the Gentlemen of the Road tour this weekend, I'll hook you up with backstage passes!" I pleaded to be included, and off the three of us went. I KNOW RIGHT. How does this stuff happen.

We got there Friday during Edward Sharpe's show, and wow. One, they are good. And two, they are trippy. That's the only way to describe it. Trippy and probably psychedelic. Totally beside the point. At one point they called people out from side stage, so Grant shoved Elijah out there, where he jammed on a tambourine next to Marcus Mumford (who also went out) and the rest of the Edward Sharpe guys in front of forty thousand people. no big deal.

Then we just, you know, casually headed backstage with all them peeps and grabbed their wifi password and ate Jeni's ice cream and watched the aftermath of the show (lots of beer cans wow) and hung out (their little tent area was super cute word). HUNG OUT. With Mumford and Sons and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. huh?!?!

Also backstory, in case you didn't know the reason for the name Edward Sharpe, when there is, in fact, no one of that name in the band. Apparently the lead guy, Alex, had been writing a book about a Jesus-like figure named Edward Sharpe who kept falling in love and got distracted from saving the world. So heck, make a band. #interestingfactoftheday

We stayed with Elijah's relatives who happen to live in Troy (handy dandy, that kid, imma keep him around) and the next day chilled at and around the festival. Hoo boy it was super hot. We kept walking into the art gallery to get cool. And going backstage with our all-important all-access passes to get water.

Troy is super duper cute, and it was decorated everywhere with mustaches for the festival. Apparently the size of the town tripled over the weekend with all the visitors coming in. craziness.

I also happen to have a friend who lives in town, so he came with a couple friends and we all got to hang out for a bit, which was quite nice (and also very warm...thank you art gallery). There were street bands all day and lots of little booths to look at. Man alive, I have never seen so many hipsters AND hippies in the same place, you would not believe.

Hippies always welcome. typical.

Okay so to be quite honest with you: being backstage was awkward. Christian and the rest of the Edward Sharpe guys left early Saturday morning, so our connection was gone. We were allowed to be back there and stuff, and I did meet some people (Winston the banjo player from Mumford included!), but it was also like...whyareweherenooneknowsus. Plus they let Grant and Elijah eat and not me and it was very sad.

That moment when Mumford and Sons asks you to take a picture of them. what.

With my all-access pass, I got to head down into the photographer's pit in front of the crowd for the first three songs and get some pictures of Mumford and Sons with a faaantastic view. Not complaining, not complaining at all.

That crowd be cray.

Then I headed backstage again with Elijah and Grant to watch the rest of the show. Honestly, I do not envy all those poor people in the mosh pit. It was crowded and warm and crazy. But that there show was pretty fantastic from my view, I gotta say.

At the end they had an encore and pulled up several of the opening bands to play along, which was lots of fun, and then they ended with some really sweet and quiet quartet-type stuff. Marcus told the crowd to shut up when they started clapping to a slow song, haha.

And after that--the long car ride home till nearly 2am (which Grant drove while I slept because I hadn't eaten and that's just no good, I love you brother). And lots of stories during the following days because what the heck happened that weekend that I was backstage at the Gentlemen of the Road tour. I mean, you can't even pay for those passes, they're only for friends and family and band members and crew.

So. So that happened. Moral of the story: make connections with your brother's friend's aunt's ex-boyfriend. yeah. I mean. crazy. It was pretty darn fantastic and also what is my life.


  1. OH MY GOSH. You LUCKY girl!!!! I love their band :) I also love how many amazing pictures you post of like cities and, and, MUMFORD AND SONS! keep it up.
    P.S this is my favorite blog.

  2. FANTASTIC! What an experience. And not only is this quite amazing, but girl! You're photos are superb! Seriously. ;) xx

  3. Whattt?! This is so crazy awesome, you lucky girl!! :)
    That town looks so fun and unique and hipsterish hahaha :)
    So, yep, basically, I just like this whole post a lot. ;)

  4. okaaaay i may be a little (or a lot) jealous but that is so cool!! did you even get M&S's autograph??

    1. haha, nooo we didn't. we didn't want to be those obnoxious fans, it was just cool to hang out around them, ya know?

  5. Ahhhg! This is fantastic and it's awesome that you got to do this. Hooray for music!

  6. Ahhhhhjlk;dalksaf that's awesome! The town looks fantastic.

    And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

    -Victoria Horea

  7. Whoa! Dude! That is crazy! Even crazier because I am going to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros tonight! Aha. Perfect timing, basically.


  8. LUCKY DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. woa.
    what the heck?
    i can't even, i mean,

    1. ^ you be lucky and blessed and a good (& wild!) child. ^

  10. Sometimes, I'm just like "why isn't my life as cool as Jess' life."

    oh wait that's all the time.


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  12. holy cow.

    that is just like, beyond rad.

    a million exclamation points here, please.

    kbye <3

  13. wow, wow, WOW. HOW COOL IS THAT? for realzzzzzzzz.
    you got some sweet shots there of the band!
    I bet that was an awesome experience to do be able to do that! My dad's uncle is Willie Nelson's bodyguard so sometimes we get backstage passes and we hang with the crew + band. It's some pretty fun stuff to be backstage! :)

  14. Amazing, amazing, AMAZING. That's awesome you got to do that, and the photos are fabulous, and that's just - wow.

  15. so i'm just over here burning with envy because mumford & sons is only my favouritest band in the history of ever and WHY OH WHY CAN I NEVER DO THINGS LIKE THIS??? you know that "gentlemen of the road" tour is coming to okie land, but the tickets are over a hundred dollars apiece. errrrrr, don't think i can do that. :P
    seriously, jenn, you have all the luck. :D

  16. OH. MY. WORDY.
    Je suis jaloux! *sigh*

  17. goodness. you lucky girl. that just sound awesome.

    xoxo, elisabeth @ a flyleaf

  18. Gosh why does this happen to youuuuuuu. My friends and I went to see John Mayer, but they wouldn't let me bring my camera in, so I was stuck with phone camera pictures. But concerts are so much fun, yes?


  20. Mmmm, yeah, I'm pretty jealous. Mostly since I got most of the story from your BLOG and not straight from youuuuuu, but, whatever...

    Haha I love you Jennifer. Life is crazy. Your life is REALLY crazy. And it's cool to see stuff like that happen to you because there's just no logical reason for it. It just happens, and you have to sit back and ask yourself, "Who am I?" :)

  21. What even. Just what even. I literally cannot.
    You are one lucky girl. The most exciting blog posts I ever write about are about vacations to Florida...and you're just over here like, "Yeaah, so I met Mumford and Sons."

  22. Mumfor and Sons are amazing, it's incredible that you had such an opportunity!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  23. Ha, so cool, miss! It's fun seeing things from the other side, huh?

  24. I might have a picture of you taking pictures. I zoomed in on someone taking pictures during Phosphorescent, I think. A girl in a striped shirt. I thought it was Nora from ESMZ at first.


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