Thursday, September 19, 2013

you'll be in my heart

I was going to write about past things until I realized that I didn't want to write about past things.  I was going to write about sad things until I realized that I didn't want to write about sad things.  Not today.  I want to write about now things, and I want to write about happy things, you know, the little ones.

Like when someone waits to hold the door open for you.
Or you can laugh with someone because you just did something really awkward and, yeah, people noticed.
When you find out someone you already like a lot loves Jesus too.
People smiling at you because you tell them it's Jenn spelled with two n's.
How about seeing old people dance.  Is there anything cuter than seeing old people dance?
And talking with someone you miss, because even if the missing doesn't stop, it's somehow made better by knowing they miss you too.
Then there's sitting on your cluttered floor when your little sisters come into talk to you even though they're supposed to be in bed.
When a random guy you just met on the bus says your eyes are really pretty.
Or when little kids want to hold your hand.
You know how certain smells bring back memories like crazy?  Pretty much all of fall is like that for me.
Running into ten people you know on campus in one day, people who you never see otherwise.
When Grant pokes his head in my door and smiles and says, "coffee?"
How I get out of the car when I get home late at night and whenever I see the stars, I instinctively start to sing "You'll Be In My Heart."
Realizing you're actually grateful to have things to miss.
Friends that will sing with you, go to shows with you, do nothing with you, and it's still the best day.
And when everyone starts to post about sweater weather and pumpkin flavored drinks, and everyone else starts to make fun about people who post said things, but we all know deep down that heck, everyone loves sweaters and pumpkin flavored drinks.
Laughing at the oddest dreams.
Those rare nights when you get twelve hours of sleep.
When you can't stop smiling in theatre class.
When design class makes you look at the world a different way.
And let's not forget those beautiful rare moments when math homework actually makes sense.
Or when someone makes a point to tell you that they want you to come/want to see you, or when they initiate the conversation.
Times that it's still nice enough to drive with the windows down.
Sitting in coffee shops by yourself when there's really good music.

There's lots of little happy things, guys.  What are some of yours?


  1. I saw the title of this post and started singing Tarzan songs really my head. Thanks <3 This is a really happy post and and it made me smile. Bring on the happy things!

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  3. this gives me warm fuzzies. :) love collecting those little happy things!

  4. Lovely Jenn. :)
    And you are your sisters are so pretty. xo

    1. oh why thank you! but those aren't my sisters--they're the kids of a family I did a shoot with a few days ago. :)

  5. I really really love this post. Sometimes it's easier to think about and focus on the sad things, or things of the past, but I constantly have to tell myself to get my head out of the muddle and focus on being happy and being thankful for all the things in the now. What a great reminder. And your list is wonderful. Love it

  6. I love your enthusiasm, girl! Kicking me into remembering to mark all the little happy things, which, honestly, is really hard right now. And that random guy on the bus is right.

  7. gracious, reading this makes me so darn happy i think i'll keep rereading it ♥

    {i think i'll take inspiration from you and blog about little things sometime.}

  8. Happy, little things are my favorite Love this. <3

  9. old people dancing. or holding hands. or smiling at each other. <3 ohhhh, jenn.

    I like walks by myself in the cool, clear mornings. it's just good to be a lone with God. and homemade granola. mmm. and inside jokes. ;) and the trees that are starting to blush orange, and kittens, and weddings. oh, and you + your darling blog. <3 ;)

    don't get me started. hahaaa

    love youuu!

  10. I love these kinds of posts. Such a great pick-me-up and reminder. Happy things are the best things.

  11. All of the things you mentioned... those are the best things. Sometimes the little things in life are what make life worth living.

  12. This week for me it was getting to see the smile of someone I love (and miss like crazy) over skype. Blessed invention I tell you.

  13. This made me so happy. Sometimes the little things are the best.
    Phone conversations with friends who are away at college, little ones sitting on your lap while you read to them, making people laugh, fall days... I think I'm going to have to write a similar post soon. Seriously. Love. This.

  14. This made me so so happy! I can totally relate to pretty much all of those (except for Grant poking his head into my room and asking if I want coffee. That has never happened. ;) )
    There are so many little things in life that make me happy. I think it would take me a while to actually be able to remember them all though.

    hearing my little sister gush about a new book she's reading or a story she's writing
    good hugs, especially with people who are the perfect height for me
    incredible a cappella harmonies
    catching someone's eye after something funny or adorable happens, and knowing that they saw it too
    soaring irish music
    the smell of freshly cut grass
    an awesome dance with a really good lead
    books that make me laugh out loud, or cry
    etc etc etc


  15. I feel as though we should at least get a lil bit of credit for this...(maybe? please? just a teensy bit?): "when Grant pokes his head in my door and smiles and says, "coffee?""
    happy things:
    seeing our house change
    having jokes with builders
    learning new songs on the guitar
    lunch dates with mama
    also, I like your pictures. cool. sweet as. k. bye.


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