Sunday, October 27, 2013

a few of my favorite things

I made a vlog this weekend, yes I did.
it's full of things I'm grateful for, some favorite things I'm focusing on after a long (but full) week.

update: I survived karaoke. I even sang. it was great fun. love my Les Mis peeps.

and you can't really tell in the video because my hair's up, but I got a haircut.
so here you can see it down.
(not a huge difference, but a much-needed trim.)

this picture brought to you by white girl selfies incorporated.

in other news, the rest of my weekend was the most relaxing and lovely one I've had in awhile.
(still not much sleep, but ya know.)
rehearsal and always singing
good food
foot massages
lots of laying all over the floor and couches
random movies
church and Jesus talk
jam sessions
walking through 80 acres of sun-soaked, gloriously fall-ish land
making bracelets
drinking hot chocolate
picking apples
all in the company of some very dear friends.
really grateful for that, too.

how was your weekend, lovelies?

ps--I almost titled this "gratitude attitude" so let's all be grateful I didn't do that? hashtag cheese. ahem.


  1. You are adorable.
    I just realized both of our blog posts are about thankfulness. Not an intentional thing, I might add, but kind of cool nonetheless.

    I am thankful for: friendships. an incredible pastor. a warm house (sometimes too warm). food.

    I had a lovely weekend with you, my friend <3 hashtag iloveyou

  2. That was so cute, Jennoelle! I love stars and paper too. :) You can never have enough notebooks!!

  3. youuuuuu're cute. and your haircut!! so pretty. got those layers so you can look all scraggly for les mis, huh? ;)))

  4. Stars. And Notebooks. Oh my wordyness yes. Two nights ago I went to a friends house and went to an outdoor movie night. At first I was watching it, but then I just got really distracted by the stars. I was looking for Orion too. Cute vlog. I might just do one of my own now. :D

  5. You are too cute! Definitely feel you on #4...and #2. :)

  6. You are so cute, Jenn! I love your video and your haircut. There are so many things I'm thankful for. Notebooks, hugs, scarves, friends, pictures, and Fall. Yep.

  7. I really have more though. That was definitely just a few. Haha

  8. I love your vlogs. :) And sweet! I love NeedtoBreathe! That's so cool you got to go to a concert! :)
    Stars. I love stars too. And I totally only know Orion's belt and the Big Dipper too. ;) You're so funny, this was great. :)


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