Wednesday, October 23, 2013

paris, je t'aime

I remember talking to Lori, the friend we stayed with in Strasbourg, about Paris, before we'd actually gone ourselves.  She got to take students there periodically, and she marveled that each time, even after having been so often, she still found Paris exciting and beautiful and magical (magical is seriously like the single best word to describe Paris).

I had run through the streets of Paris half-asleep on a sunny day from one train station to another on our way to Strasbourg, and I remember it glistening even then.  When we arrived back for our six-day visit, there was always sort of a surreal magic about seeing the Eiffel Tower peep up between buildings (it never got old) and exploring streets I knew well from pictures and hours spent pouring over a map of the City of Lights.

I think if I had to pick, I would live in Strasbourg, because Strasbourg felt like home.  But Paris?  You really can't get over the breathtaking splendor that is Paris.  Sure, it has it sketch areas (I was pretty nervous walking through Pigalle, the "red light district" where Moulin Rouge is situated), and the metro isn't always clean and you better hold onto your bag when you walk through a crowd.  But somehow it doesn't much matter.  Paris has this aura about her.  Paris knows she's beautiful.  And even though sometimes she may smile a little coquettishly because of that knowledge, I'm okay with it, because it's true.

paris opera house! *cues singing phantom*
hm hmm it's pictures like this last one that make me really miss paris.


  1. aw. paris. i miss paris. paris is cool. you're cool. i like this. and obviously i'm only capable of three-word sentences.

  2. I love your appreciation/passion for cultural, arsty things... like europe. :) my mom was born in Italy but sadly I've never been. someday, someday.

  3. jenn, please never stop doing posts on your stay in france because they make my day and I mean who doesn't love paris? basically your france posts are like fresh coffee or dark chocolate or warm coats or soft blankets. what I'm trying to say is that they are lovely and so full of nostalgia that it brims over to your readers. they are good stuff.

  4. This is beautiful, you're beautiful, and Paris is beautiful!

  5. Ahh.. it's been over two years since I've been in Paris (only about five months since France!) and I miss it. I enjoyed reminiscing through your lovely photos. :)

  6. wait, where is the Eiffel tower in the magnificent pictures??? *tut tut* but really, these are incredible. HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU WERE GOING TO FRANCE. WHAT. i'm french; so, i really want to go to France. but especially Paris. *sigh* so. next time you're there, lemme know, and i'm meeting you, m'kay.

    oh, so many memories pictures hold. that's the thing i love about being a photographer. :)

  7. magical is the right word for sure.

    all these wonderful pictures and memories! I bet it was the trip of a lifetime. :)

  8. This post is so....the pictures are just...

    darnit, I can't find a word.

    Huge? Gorgeous? Breathtaking? I dunno. You obviously know what I mean. Geez, I'd love to travel.

    Jenn, you're making me miss Paris and I've never even BEEN there for crying out loud.

  9. oh, yeah, sure. just gloat about the time you traipsed around paris, no big deal, like whatever. BUT OH THESE PICTURES ARE REALLY COOL OK.


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