Friday, November 1, 2013

and then we got fifty dollars

If you were to ask me about the most fun time I've ever had photographing, it would undoubtedly be this shoot.  These four girls are super close friends (besides being some of my favorite people), and when Lucia (in the stripey dress with the red belt) turned sixteen, the three others wanted to give her something special--photos of the four of them!  We finagled things so that we could surprise Luci and I carted them downtown where we just walked and explored and goofed off.  Emphasis on goofing off.  Serious good times.  (Also, I'm fairly certain I wasn't this stylish at sixteen??)

Becca, the blonde (I'm sorry to introduce you that way...) is flipping hilarious.  So many funny things happened that night because of her.  For example: as we five cute girls walked down High Street all dressed up, some random (drunk...) guy called out, "where's the party?" Without missing a beat, Becca called back, "RIGHT HERE." oh my word. funniest.

There were lots of "awkward family photos" to be had, and lots of laughing, and lots of inside jokes.  Some of which they attempted to explain to me...I think you had to be there...

NOW FOR THE GREATEST STORY EVER.  We were standing on the sidewalk and a couple people approached so I moved out of the way so they could pass.  Two of the guys were teasing, and one passed by, but the other stopped by us, laughing, and said, "girls, I'll give twenty bucks to whoever tells my friend that he's the oldest geezer you've seen in your life!"  We all hesitated a little bit--we were downtown and this sounded a little sketch, but the man pulled out his wallet and grabbed the first thing he could find--a fifty dollar bill--and said, "here! fifty dollars!"  Becca (of course Becca) took it and called over to the guy who was waiting for his friend, "you're the oldest geezer I've ever seen in my life!"  The friend laughed and asked how much she'd been paid to say that.  She just said, "psh, one dollar."  And the two guys laughed and kept walking, and...we stood there...with our fifty bucks...whaaat.  You can't make this stuff up.  So we went and bought frozen custard.  I'm not complaining.

Other adventures included but were not limited to awkward compliments on Luci's belt (yes, specifically her belt), people who kept asking if I "wanted to get in the picture too," sketchy people walking nearby when I made sure to have my pepper spray out (cuz I'm a boss), and taking them to my favorite coffee shop to finish off the night.

Going through these photos again is just making me smile.  I love seeing the special friendships between all of these girls--each one of them are different and they've been together through different things, but they adore each other and have so much fun together and it's just precious.  Lucia, Becca, Amelia, Abby--love you girls and love this crazy time we had.


  1. these pictures are adorable! such awesome friends. :)

    also that story is the best. 50 DOLLARS?! whatttt. that's hilarious!

  2. your favorite coffee shop? do you mean Starbucks?

    1. ha ha ha
      it's a 24 hour coffee shop downtown

  3. these are pretty rad. and 50 bucks! seriously, that is so cool.
    and ya'll are freaking gorgeous.

  4. loved your photos, looks like you had a really fun time!!! Your fifty dollar story is super funny.

  5. ahhhh i love reading your posts, jenn! they're simply perfect.

    also, your friends are pretty rad. i mean, what kind of group goes into town and gets fifty bucks for having fun??

    love you!

    acacia xx

  6. These are gorgeous and I'm loving the poses, (also great story too!) xoxo Johanna

  7. shuddup. I hate that you're so good at this photography stuff. ALSO WHERE IS MY FIFTY DOLLARS. heh.heh. seriously though, these pictures are beeeaautiful and so are those girls and talk about five heads of utterly gorgeous hair in that last photo.


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