Monday, November 18, 2013

london bridge is falling down

London is known for the rain, right?  Not so when we were there.  We had two glorious, blustery, sunshine-filled days with Jess and her parents (and then on our third day there when Jess left--it rained. typical).

I still love telling people the story of how I got to frolic about London for two days with my kiwi blogger friend.  It’s really a lesson in “hey don’t be scared to send that email because you never know it might work out.”  Also a lesson in “be careful because if you make friends through the internet because they might steal your brother for a summer.”  Yeah that happened.

Here’s a little glimpse of just half our time together.  Jessy dear, I still can’t believe it’s been a year and a half since I’ve seen you!  Get back into my life.

Lotsa picture-taking, you better believe.  Even if Jeeves is a Nikon.

Dem skies tho. (Even if we were obviously prepared for rain.)

Cutest open-air market!

We just had to see a show in the West End while we were there, and heck, why not Phantom of the Opera while we’re at it?  It was lovely and this chandelier photo is blurry because it was falling on us.  Kidding calm yourselves, it’s because technically no photos were allowed in there and I was being fast and sneaky. shhh.

Hmm the River Thames.  Actually quite lovely in the sunshine. And dang, Tower Bridge is a sight to see.

Gee look how little we all are hehe.  Also Jess’s hair = beeeautiful. amen.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, yes please (Shakespeare has recently been taking over my life and I’m quite okay with it).

We met up for coffee with some of the McGhie's friends.  Let us all take a moment to humble Jess and remind her of that time she actually drank Starbucks.  There's picture proof.

St. Paul’s Cathedral!  So of course we sang Mary Poppins on the steps.

Aaand that's all I have for now, folks.  Go give Jess a hard time about drinking Starbucks for me, please.

As for me, I'm just coming off of one of the most exhausting and beautiful weekends of my life.  We performed Les Misérables on Friday and twice on Saturday and to say that telling this story onstage is a dream come true seems like an understatement.  It's going to take me awhile to process all my emotions from this show...I may or may not have cried myself to sleep last night.  But I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Happy Monday, friends!  What are you up to this week?


  1. Ahhhhhh! The dancing musicians were in Covent Garden for you tooooo! That was SO cool!!! Also, our West End show was Les Mis (I hate to admit that was the first time I'd ever seen it on stage. But London was the right place to do it!!), and it was definitely not that sunny when we were there. It was the end of March and we put all of our hats, coats, jackets, scarves, gloves, and socks on (heck, I was even wearing tights under my jeans) and we still froze. Anyhow, this is really beautiful.

  2. i think your object in blogging your photos of europe (and jess) is just to torture us.
    seriously, you give me such traveling feels every time. i can't.
    (also all these photos are stellar. and london is the loveliest!)

  3. Oh my gosh. I can't even fathom how incredible it must have been to see everything you saw in person as I can barely fathom these stunning stills!!! this whole post just - um, wow.
    And you preforming Les Mis? I mean, c'mmon. How much more awesome can you get, pretty lady?!!!
    loved the post, and I'll probably swoon over it again for the next hour - next week{s}. :D xx

  4. WORDY has it really been a year and a half??! goshness. time for another london meet up, yes? amen and amen. ok, so lets not talk about the starbucks thing. I was young! innocent! deceived! *ahem* well, we hadn't fully gotten into freshly roasted coffee then, I blame you. it's your fault. and it's so nice to see that I went round london looking like a bum. so lovely. I'm just so fashionable. oh, that beautiful hair of mine huh...yeah, the hair that looks like a rats nest. a very bad rats nest. also, this whole post makes me really sad and happy and all sorts of things can we please just go back OH GOSH I MISS YOU.
    and who what huh? your brother came to visit for a summer? nope...don't remember...think I must've blocked it from my memory...heh heh heh. now, excuse me, I'm just going to indulge in good ole times by looking through all my london pictures.

  5. Beautiful pictures! ~ looks like you had a fabulous time! :)

  6. Simply beautiful. I love these pictures so much. I would love to visit London.
    Oh, and I can't wait to hear about Les Mis. Gah!


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