Tuesday, December 17, 2013

je me souviens

I drove one of my dear, dear friends back to her home this weekend (gee, I'll miss her during break), and on the two-hour long car ride in the dark alone coming home, instead of listening to the radio, I sang to myself, and talked to myself, and talked to God, and counted up a list of things that restore my hope in humanity.

+ seeing best friends, since-they-were-little-and-until-forever kind of best friends, going through life together and keeping that friendship. if you have a friend like that, don't ever let them go. even from the outside I can tell they're one in a million.

+ when traffic lights are out and all the drivers have to stop and take turns crossing the intersection without anything or anyone directing them. I drive away smiling every time.

+ finding someone who is just as lost as you are and deciding to be lost together so at least the time is in spent in good company. you can make friends in a matter of two minutes, you know that?

+ laughing with someone until you cry. and sometimes, crying until you laugh.

The way people treat people never ceases to floor me.  (This is accurate because a lot of my deep thoughts about humanity happen when I'm laying on the floor.)  I can't get over how lightly some people take relationships.  And not just relationships, like serial daters or people who would hook up in bars, but also friendships.  And not just friendships, like fair-weather friends or selfish people after their own agenda, but also interactions.  Every single human interaction.  The person taking your order, the person on the other end of the line for customer service, the person you make eye contact with on the sidewalk.  That's a human soul, and we are dismissive because "we'll never see them again."  Yet we have an impact on their lives.  We become a part of their past, forever.

And how much more so with people we are invested in, people we pour ourselves into?  Yet we tend to enter into even deep relationships with people so lightly, without stopping to think how sacred this connection to another person is, and how selfless that should make us, if we truly cared.  It's a heavy thing, almost, being trusted with another person's friendship, because it's being trusted with a piece of their soul.  And those connections, those relationships--they're the hardest thing, but also the most rewarding thing.  I suppose the key is looking at other people differently--as deeply human, inherently flawed, persistently growing, ultimately worthwhile, and as desperately in need of love as ourselves.


  1. Amen; your words are flooding me with comfort -- I always feel so...so satisfied after reading your words. Oh, and these photos? Gorgeous.

  2. yes and yes and k you're really good at this writing gig and you make me love words a whole heck of a lot. love yooooouuuu.

  3. Jenn, your insight never ceases to make me smile and stop and think. Lovely words from a lovely person :) <3

  4. Hi Jenn. Yer cool and I like you. Even if you did once again steal a post I was writing myself. Ya know, about people and how lightly they treat relationships. Sheesh. Rude. I don't like you anymore.
    Ha. Kidding. (I'm so lame.) I still wuv you.
    "The way people treat people never ceases to floor me. (This is accurate because a lot of my deep thoughts about humanity happen when I'm laying on the floor.)" It is really embarrassing to admit how much I laughed at this. Annnnyway, girl, this was a great post and that last paragraph just... I don't know, it just got me. <3

  5. You find the clearest, most beautiful ways of looking at life, and I love that. I know life can seem super confusing, but if people stop and think about relationships and other's lives it can really make a change in how everyone thinks about each other. I just wrote a journal entry on that. I never want to stop thinking and pondering life (whether it be on the floor or in a coffee shop). A dear friend of mine once told me that people are like cups. We can either pour into other's lives or let others fill us up. I always want the love of Christ filling my cup so that I can fill other's cups with it. It's basically a choice of being selfish or selfless and that realization hit me in the gut. And I'm done rambling now. I really loved your post. It was perfect and it made me think even more about the relationships I have with mah peeps.

  6. hi i like your photography bye

  7. Wow, Jenn, that is a beautiful post.

  8. love that about the relationships!! i think if we would live with an eternal perspective, our lives would be so different. our lives, including our relationships.


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