Friday, January 24, 2014

hashtag the best weekend

To be perfectly honest, I was putting off writing this post (oops yeah sorry).  I just didn't know how the heck to do it.  And then Carlotta wrote her own post and I was supposed to beat that??  And then my internet crashed.  Life is unfair.  Guys, just be grateful I got to it eventually.  Okay.  Here goes nothing.

 photo carlotta-197-1.jpg
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Somewhere around three weeks ago I mentioned to a friend of mine who I also happened to have never met face-to-face that I might be in her state and um um um well she didn't answer me.  Awkward.  Somewhere around two weeks ago, she did however answer me and I bought a plane ticket and hyperventilated a lot and wow this post seems too proper already help.

After a really long and crazy week, I got on a plane (and they gave me tea, praise be) and a few hours later found myself hugging and squealing and laughing with the Carlotta Cisternas, who I also get to call one of my dearest friends.  Making best friends is something I never expected to do through blogging and Carlotta and I have laughed a lot over what brought us together (talking about Downton Abbey and cats over twitter, it turns out), but whatever happened, I'm so glad it did.  I would say my weekend with her and her family was a whirlwind, but while we had some pretty darn funny (and ridiculous) adventures, it was honestly so relaxing and natural and lovely as we strategically posted our instagram photos hung around the house and around Tulsa.  We were climbing out of Carlotta's jeep at a gas station (oh, excuse me, apparently a QuikTrip is a lot fancier than that) to get snacks to sneak into the movie theatre to see Frozen (because duh) and Carlotta and her little siblings said I felt more like a long-lost older sister than a weird internet friend.  hashtag ka-rying.

Carlotta's siblings reminded me of my own--J is funny, weird, hipster, and actually the raddest thirteen-year-old you'll ever meet.  Meme is precious and sweet and WOW such a beauty and let's be honest, Lilly is a diva and absolutely adorable.  They're the cutest little German family ever (especially if you tell her dad that he looks like Hugh Jackman) and they have chickens that will attack you and they make their own yogurt and they get up really early?? and they drink kombucha which I'm now convinced is some sort of cult beverage and they live in an old house from the 1930s that yes, apparently actually does have an extra pair of keys to the guest room, which we found out after breaking into it at 1am.

From swing dancing to sneaking pictures in the museum to eating creeps oops I mean crepes to swapping our hipster music to not getting makeovers in the scary rich old lady store to eating sunflower seeds and wasabi peas at midnight to talking about our mutual friend group (aka other bloggers) to sitting on the front stoop incapacitated by tape and wet polish on our nails to watching Meme dance in the basement of their church to laughing over youtube videos to the many photo-taking-and-editing sessions to providing our own commentary to Elvis movies, everything just clicked.  I felt like I'd known Carlotta forever.

Things you may not know about Carlotta: she's really freakin' funny.  Her blog is eloquent and beautiful, and she is too, but in real life she's also your archetype awkwardly adorable heroine who also happens to have perfect hair and big dreams about life.  She's not shy and she'll make you laugh a lot (especially when taking pictures of you) and what's great is that good heart-to-heart deep conversations come just as easily as the ridiculously hilarious ones.  She's wise and thoughtful but not above to talking in hashtags for the entire weekend and exclaiming over photos being "so tumblr." IDK BRO I JUST LIKE YOU A LOT.  It's hardest to describe the people you like best, ya know.  So let's just leave it at that.

ps--did I mention she's gorgeous. commence setting her up with my brother. oops.

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ily. wink wonk. bye.


  1. All these pictures are lovely! You both are such fantastic bloggers I don't doubt all the great times you had in person(did that sound creeperish oh well). You both are so beautiful as well(dang it creepy again)!

  2. This post just makes me smile. You two are both some of my favorite bloggers. So genuine, fun, and real. I'm so happy you finally got to meet each other in person!

    The pictures you took are fabulous!



  3. I am so glad that you had such an amazing time together. :) Visiting friends and relatives is the best. All of the pictures are simply BEAUTIFUL! I especially like the one with the red berries in front and the mansion in the background. Have a lovely evening Jenn!


  4. This post made me smile! It read like it was one big long inside joke chock full of smaller inside jokes. I love it. Also, you two are both so stunningly beautiful. Also also...your photography is lovely.

  5. THIS MADE ME SMILE (and laugh) LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. I hope you guys meet up again so that we can see more fantastic Carlottajen (yeah I just coined a new word for you + C) posts. :)) xx

  6. JENNNNNNNNNNN. These are so great. Sheeeesh you guys. You two make me smile. Your posts made me laugh (but in a good way, like, I-know-these-fun-and-funny-and-hot-and-talented-and-kind-and-genuine-chicks-way). Loooove. <3

    ps. these photos are SO good.

  7. I think you two had way too much fun. But hey, your faces look gorgeous together, and her siblings are adorable, so yes, this ain't a bad thing. ;) And don't get me started on how insanely wonderful those photos are.

  8. ahhh, these pictures make me insanely happy. ;) they're just happy pictures - that's all there is to it. you ladies are so cute, and pretty and i love seeing a glimpse behind the scenes of Carlotta's life. also, these pictures are fantastic. so pretty and fun and just aksdfalsdjf;lasjfkasf.

    okay. this is cute. and i like you both.

  9. I love the greenhouse photos. And seeing two of my favorite bloggers together is so great. Which I feel weird saying since I don't know you guys.... gotta love the internet & it's noncreepy-awkardness. ;)

    1. aaaannd it would help if I could spell awkward correctly. gosh.

  10. hashtag ohmygoshya'llarethecutestever. these pictures, i'm just dying. you are both so gorgeous and it just makes me so happy that you got this special time together! :) meeting your closest friends for the first time is just gold.
    and i want that greenhouse. like right now. and carlotta's house. WHAAAAAAT.
    luuuuuv you, jenn. looking at all my pictures from our day makes me miss you a lot. HUG.

  11. These are so beautiful. And Carlotta, you look like a queen with those plants. You guys are the cutest together and Carlottas family just looks awesome.

    Love this!


  12. I love this post, Jenn! You are so hilariously funny and the pics are gorgeous. :D I'm so glad you two got to meet.

  13. oh wow she is gorgeous (along w you). HOW FUN YOU GUYS. I love this. xx

  14. ok so now i just really want to hang out with you two because you're both the coolest. plus, your instagrams of that weekend made me so happy and reminded me of when Madeline came to my house in the fall. ;)
    your photos are amazing + the whole thing looks like it was SO much fun! :)

  15. well I guess I have to finally comment now, after reading it like 500 times. hashtag STWESSED. UGH I'm so happy you made it here, despite last-minute planning and me not responding to you. oops. like. wow. it's really cool. and worth the breaking in and the missed bus and the early mornings (8 isn't THAT early??!!) and the kombucha and the rooster and the sketchy movie theater...hahahha. fun timez. I miss you and I'm so glad we're friendz even though explaining it to people is slightly weird and IDK MAN I LOVE YOUUU.

    ps I'm sorry we didn't get makeovers.

    1. pps and thanks for making my hair look good lolz

  16. omg Carlotta is a model...and the 39th image?! TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!
    Also, I'm just kind of really happy you guys met, you two ARE the cutest!!! :D

  17. YOU TWO ARE AS CUTE AS BUTTONS. SO MUCH TOTES ADORBS! serrisly, will you two come over to england already? I will give you cooooffeeeee!


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