Monday, January 13, 2014

Lauren | senior

Meet Lauren.  I've known Lauren for an age and a half, it seems, and yet it's not nearly long enough.  We got thrown together doing dance classes together, and it's kind of one of those things where they say the rest is history.  From playing cards (we had great telepathic signs) to dance parties and attempts at making movies to sleepovers playing murder in the dark and swimming late at night, we became fast friends.

This girl is full of spirit and an energy about life.  She is adorable and she laughs a lot, but she's also smart and sassy and full of love for Jesus.  You can see her enthusiasm for life in her smile.  It's impossible not to laugh around Lauren, and I love that about her.

Most unfortunately, Lauren moved away from me and I don't get to see that precious face nearly often enough.  It was so much fun to meet up in this small town that we're both connected to in order to shoot her senior pictures.

Seriously, can she get any cuter?

Besides her flawless hair (no really), Lauren has these stunning eyes and the prettiest smile and a rad sense of style that's all her own.  Honestly can I just be Lauren already.

(When a Mexican restaurant has beautiful colored walls, you take pictures in front of that Mexican restaurant no matter how many odd looks you get.)

She's so goofy and spontaneous and weird and adventurous.  Mostly weird.  In the best way.

Lauren's sister Brooke, also known as the sweetest thing on the planet, tagged along so we got some sister shots as well!  The two of them remind me of me and Cassie sometimes with their good-best-friendship.  (But seriously if you want me to talk about sister relationships um FROZEN.)


I really love these photos of such a darling person and love how they capture her joyous personality.  Lauren, come back to me again.

Now, my dears, wish me luck as I attempt to navigate Oklahoma City without a smartphone.  More on that later, of course. xoxo



  2. I basically love everything about these pictures. So pretty! Plus, you're a super talented photographer Jenn. That's all.

  3. she is adorable. and you? amazing work!! your best yet.

  4. She is so cute and hysterical and so precious. Frozen describes my relationship with my sisters, too. *smile* I love these photos, Jenn!

  5. These are so great! Love all of them!

  6. you already showed my these but THEY'RE SO PRETTY WOW VERY PHOTOGRAPHER MUCH GORGEOUS. also you don't know how relieved I am that you made it through okc andddddd i miss you. (idk why I'm even writing this since you won't see it until this weekend buuut ya know)

  7. Nice pictures! (: OMG FROZEN WAS SO AH-MAZING GAAAAH THE SONGS...A couple friends and I are planning on singing Let it Go for our school talent show!

  8. These pictures are stunning!!
    Also, I appreciate the fact that you referenced Frozen. Haha!! Glad you made it through your adventures in Oklahoma and can't wait to hear all about them!!

  9. she is so cute! her smile though. ;) I love the second set best. x


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