Monday, February 3, 2014

for the first time in forever

Meet Petie.  She's cute.

 photo petie-23.jpg
 photo petie-25.jpg

Petie and I were sorta-kinda friends for a really long time.  We each knew who the other was, but Petie was indecisive and switched from blogger to wordpress and back again so it was just hard to keep track of her, ya know.  We finally bonded awhile back over our deep and undying love for Les Mis (I'm seriously convinced at least 50% of my friendships begin this way) and from there, the rest of our literary taste determined that we were bound to get along.  (Petie's bookshelf is actually gosh-dang beautiful, I could have lived there.)

As you may have picked up, I had a whirlwind of a week at the beginning of last month deciding I was going to Oklahoma (for staff training! for TeenPact! because I'm taking the semester off school to travel staff! wow so much to catch up on!) and Petie, who is deploringly not on any of my most-used social medias, did not see that I was in her state until I posted a sentence at the end of a blog post about being stranded in an unknown city (and that is a story in and of itself).  I received a text from her immediately, and somehow through that week when I had next to no cell service, we organized her picking me up on my way back home so we could spend the afternoon together.

Picture this: a bunch of people at staff training with paper taped to their backs standing around the room writing notes to each other.  Me, bending over, with someone writing on my back--I look up and there is Petie, at the other end of a crowd of people.  I waved, and smiled, and hand motioned that it'd be a second (that note being written on my back was a little lengthy, I suppose) and when it was finally finished I rushed forward and hugged her and said hello and yay and oh I still have a paper taped to my back.  It was a great moment, obviously.

We got to chat it up the whole way home, then I got a tour of her house and the church she lives on top of, we exclaimed over her beautiful bookshelf and the piano downstairs and how our minds work creepishly alike and different friends we both knew (from blogging and through TeenPact, apparently!) and scurried outside to snap photos (Petie is apparently super impressed with my ability to take arms-length selfies, OOPS) and wow wow wow it was the perfect Oklahoma day with the wind sweeping down the plain.  Petie is precious and bubbly and energetic and adventurous and passionate and warm and friendly and silly and adorable and spontaneous and has the greatest smile and is all kinds of wonderful.  I ate tacos and Petie attempted to eat a burrito (A for effort, dear) and we listened to and sang songs from Frozen (also a common theme in my friendships at this point) and then she drove me to the airport where we got some hilarious glares for taking more selfies and bemoaned our fate at having such a short time together before I inevitably had to go through security.

Please give me an award for all these run-on sentences.

But seriously, it was a crazy good afternoon and I'm so glad it worked out!  Having blogger friends is by far one of the best things that's happened to me, and Petie is ridiculously great and gorgeous and geez girl I'm just glad to call you my friend. xo

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  1. Petie Petie Petie your hair is perfect you are perfect these pictures are perfect

  2. So glad to hear that you were able to meet Petie! She's a great friend if I do say so myself. ;) Lovely pictures ladies!

  3. wow you've got to meet a few blogger friends recently - how fun! you guys are so cute. xo

  4. How lovely! Looks like you both had a super time together! Kelly xx

  5. *promptly hands you a run-on sentence award* :D
    Okay, so I spent the majority of this post going WHAT ON EARTH IS MY HAIR DOING. Hahahaha, that wind was something else. But heck, girl, you have some serious camera talent.
    Ahhhhh, Jenn, I just loved our day, even though it was just a day. You seriously just make my life that much better. Our time was just wonderful and spontaneous and DA BEST EVAH.
    I wuuuuv you, girl. Can't wait to see you again someday! <3

    1. oh, and you used a Frozen lyric for the title. WIN WIN WIN.

  6. You go, Jenn. You're meeting all the fantastic people on the planet! Love the crazy gorgeousness here!

  7. Can i just say how beautiful these all are and she lives on top of a church!? you're like kidding, right? no? huh? crazy but love it.
    so cute love this!

    xo, rn

  8. you two are just gorgeous! love this. :) xx

  9. Ahh, so happy you guys got to two are so cute together. :) xo

  10. This makes me all feel all kinds of happy, girls! You're insanely adorable. I mean it.

  11. CAN I KEEP YOU BOTH FOREVER PLEASE. ahhhh she is just so beautiful and I love her and I LOVE YOU BOTH AND HAPPINESS THAT THIS HAPPENED AND SADNESS THAT I WASN'T THERE BUT YAY ANYWAY. one day, we shall all sing songs togeeeeeether ookaaaay.

  12. you two are gorgeous dears! reading your post just made me feel so warm and pretty inside xx.

  13. Aaaand she still looks familiar, aaaaand I still have no clue WHYYYYY. Life.

    1. Okay, so I don't know if Jenn told you, but you TOTALLY looked familiar to me, too! I kept thinking I knew you from somewhere... And later I was like, okay why in the world did I not go over and introduce myself?? Yup. That's me. :P Have you ever been in Oklahoma before for TeenPact events? Maybe that's where we've crossed paths...I've never been involved in TeenPact, but I know tons of people who are... haha, my contact info is on my blog if you ever want to chat and see if we can figure this out. ;)

  14. I love how all these wonderful blogger people keep meeting up. (and I ended a sentence with a bad). Looks like you guys had a ton of fun together! AND THANK YOU FOR THE FROZEN REFERENCE. :D


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