Thursday, February 20, 2014

friend, hold on to me

Traditions make me happy, you know that? Long-time-hoorah-we-survived-the-awkward-years-and-still-like-each-other kind of friends make me even happier.  Combine those two already happy things and you get Valentine's day, during which my sister and I do something remarkably sappy and pathetic and wonderful with two other sisters who we have known for over a decade.  The four of us--Alexa, Aubrey, Cassie, Jenn--have for the past four years spent February 14th together, and Aubs being a state away at (our rival) school this year wasn't about to stop us.  Up we trekked to Ann Arbor (which is super adorable and a place I want to revisit when it isn't so flippin' cold) to spend a short day in each others' company.

The best story: we went to see a super dumb movie on Friday night (does this sound familiar?), but beforehand we needed to grab food, and being the poor college kids that we are, we went to the ever-so-classy...Wendy's.  The four of us walked in, and right away this kid behind the counter started laughing at us as he sarcastically wished us a happy Valentine's day, and laughed some more.  LISTEN KID I'M WITH THREE GIRLFRIENDS ON VALENTINE'S DAY BUT YOU'RE WORKING AT WENDY'S SO WHO REALLY LOSES HERE.

Saturday was spent eating muffins with tea and seeking out cherry snacks and sunshine.  Time with these girls is always full of good, good conversation--because, you know, at this point, small talk just doesn't interest me.  Talk to me about Jesus.

So here's to long-time friends and good food and sunshine in the middle of winter and silly movies and last-minute plans and spending most of the drive memorizing monologues for an audition the next day (so that happened).  How was your Valentine's weekend, friends?

+post title from "high hopes" by the vespers
+you can also pray for me because I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and ouch.


  1. While reading through this, I was like oooohhhh, the stores, ooohhhh, the books. (Think Toy Story aliens.)

  2. Haha, what Jemimah said. :) ^^ Except I was also going ooooooh, the cloooothes...

  3. Let me guess: the movie was Endless Love.

    1. shh it wasn't my idea i'm embarrassed but maybe.

  4. The last still sums up so perfectly. + I'm one of those who oooohhh and aaahhhd over the books, too. Yup.

  5. I too was oooohhhh and aaahhh ing over the bookstore and all those books! Plus, that seems like such a wonderful way to spend Valentines day ^_^ You girls look like you're having so much fun!

  6. I'm so glad I just found your blog... like seriously I'm so happy after reading this :) 'Talk to me about Jesus' - perfect!! xoxox

  7. THIS IS MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME!! One half me of me wants you to find true love, (I'm debating a semicolon here, oh well) the other half doesn't so we can be valentines forever ❤️ Okay. Love you. Bye. Thanks for coming and seeing me.

  8. "[B]ecause, you know, at this point, small talk just doesn't interest me. Talk to me about Jesus." My new favorite quote. :) This is my life right now. Thanks for summing it up!


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