Wednesday, February 12, 2014

lil baby micah

i had the chance last month to photograph the cutest little man along with his big brother and mama. it was intended to be a newborn shoot, but time escaped us, so micah was about a month an a half old. cutie patootie. it was my first baby shoot and i was oh so excited (along with the expected nerves), but i couldn't be happier with the way i was able to capture this sweet family.

guys guys guys you have no idea how crazy (good?) my life has been lately. so full. but please do tell me--what's keeping you sane at this point of february where the only two options seem to be hibernation or spring?

xo, jenn


  1. These pictures are beautiful! So real and striking :) Well I currently have a ton of homework, but I went to see Wicked so that helped tremendously! It's so good. And reading is also a nice distraction :)

  2. Lovely photos! I like the home backdrop, it makes them seem so cozy. The only thing keeping me sane is the hope of spring :)

  3. JENN! These are so so gorgeous! I love them all!!

  4. I have a little flame of hope glowing inside me and to keep it burning in February is always hard. Nothing keeps me going like the hope of spring!


  5. awwww my gosh so much cuteness! you dids such a good joooobbsss my wuv!


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