Monday, March 10, 2014

cut out all the ropes and let me fall

(because my sister often talks me into selfies and I love her)

hello friends!
happy march and happy daylight savings and happy monday and all those obligatory greetings since I have been absent for longer than usual and there is an abnormal amount of things to catch up on.

honestly this is more of a transition, I-need-to-post-something-while-still-processing-all-of-the-other-somethings-that-have-been-going-on post, but also also also it's a very special thing to me.  see, exactly a year ago (as of saturday) was the first time I (very nervously) played this song in public.  I've been half wanting and half not wanting to record it for a long time, and while this one definitely is not perfect, I finally caved and put it up.  nothing that hasn't been done before.  just a little hats-off to the first real time I sang by myself in front of people.  crazy what difference a year can make.

anyway, I'd really really love your thoughts on it.  yeah?

besides that, wow wow wow so much has been going on. I might vlog soon because I like telling stories in person more than writing them and a little chat sounds nice, doesn't it?  we'll see.  God is doing cool things, and life is weird and crazy and exciting.

brb squealing at the thought of spring.


  1. Jenn! This post made me happy. And my goodness you play the piano and sing beautifully. No joke. Your voice is so pretty! ^_^ and spring! Yes. *happydance. :)



  2. This is so beautiful. I love your voice sosososo much, and your piano playing? Gorgeous. I'm so glad you sang in front of people a year ago so that now we can enjoy hearing you via videos. *smile*


  3. this post is great and you are super honestly, very very gifted.
    rainbows and dreams

  4. Wow! Girl, you've got talent. ;) Thanks for another great post!


  5. Well...thoughts? I have many, but I will say, I can totally hear that little bit of musical theatre sneaking into your voice...which I absolutely love, for reasons untold. Keep singing, keep playing, and you will go far friend.

    P.S. the low C key on your piano seems to be a touch flat...

  6. your faces are totes adorbs and your voice is supes amazing and everything you said was omg awesome wuuuuut. also lets skype soon mmkay?

  7. I realized I'd never commented on this, so here I am, finally: I absolutely love it. and you're beautiful.


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