Sunday, March 30, 2014

merci à toi

Dear Brooke, thank you for coming up to me at random times just to say "I love you!" in that funny cute voice of yours.

Dear skirts and leggings, thank you for being there on those days I just really can't make myself wear pants.

Dear TeenPact, thanks for the ways you've impacted my life.  Thanks for the opportunity to impact others.

Dear tea, thanks ily.

Dear OHR, thanks for being great when I handed in my resignation.  I didn't feel at peace with the decision till then.  I'll miss you, but I'll be back.

Dear bed, thank you for always welcoming me back no matter how long I neglect you.

Dear Grant, thank you for giving me your outgrown-for-you, oversized-for-me sweaters.

Dear theatre friend, thanks for buying me food in the middle of the week because you knew I didn't have time to eat.

Dear Oklahoma, thank you for staying put so that holey moley I get to see you again this week.

Dear little princesses, thanks for letting me direct you for a little bit.  I love you, you precious kiddos, and I could not be more proud of the show you all put this weekend.

Dear time, thanks in advance for SLOWING THE CRAP DOWN A LITTLE?!

Dear theatre, thank you for the thrill you give that's like nothing else.  Don't think I'll ever get over you.

Dear midnight showers, thank you for existing and what would I do without you.

Dear friends who moved across the world/country, thanks for coming back.

Dear Jesus, thank you for being the only thing that gets me out of bed some mornings.

Dear packing, thanks for getting done eventually even though you stress me out.

Dear heart, thank you for feeling so deeply.  I know sometimes I think I can barely stand how much and how strongly you feel, but deep down, I am glad of it, you silly dear little thing.

Dear life, thank you for being the craziest, busiest, weirdest, most wonderful adventure.


  1. Dear Jenn, thank you for taking my life, basically, and putting it into words. because I can't seem to do that very well on my own.

  2. dear jenn, thanks for being awesome.

  3. dear jenn, thanks for being original and quirky and you. this made me smile. :)

  4. Dear Jenn, (haha seems like we all had the same idea ^^) thank you for your fun, honest, creative, and beautiful blog posts. Thanks for just being you, cause you is special, you is kind, you is important.( couldn't help but quote that.) love you!


    1. Whoops! It's "you is smart, you is kind, you is important." Hey you're special too. <3

  5. dear Jenn, thank you for always blogging:)

  6. Dear Jenn, thanks for being my inspiration. :)

  7. Dear Jenn, you're such a treasure! Thanks for....being you. I miss you. I'm glad for these posts even if they make me miss you that much more. Come back into my life sometime, okay?

  8. Yoo Haloo! (I know I broke the whole 'dear Jenn' pattern, but 'yoo hallo' is really fun to write and it's from Mary Poppins which instantly makes it awesome). But anyway, this post was really neat and original. You have a really cool way of looking at life and it's inspiring. :D


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