Saturday, April 26, 2014

talk to me.

things I could talk to you about all day:

-why acting is my passion
-Jesus's faithfulness
-Myers-Briggs personality types, how they define you and why they shouldn't
-where you go to be alone
-my undying love for food, freckles, and Oklahoma
-why songs or books or poems make you feel things
-what you notice first or most about people, physically and not (for me, humor and hands)
-classic literature
-people I love, people you love
-musical theatre shows and actors
-how Jesus is real to you
-places you've been or things you've done that have defined you
-the stars and constellations (particularly my adoration of Orion)
-books that got turned into movies
-love languages
-why theatre is life
-what God created you to do
-the ways in which TeenPact has changed my life
-what you value most about people
-how you feel when traveling alone
-what you love most about your family
-hard things that push me to Jesus
-what you want your life to be about
-the purpose God has for every life I've encountered

pick one and talk to me.


  1. What do you value most in people, Jenn?

    1. hmm. that's a good one. a sense of humor, for sure. the ability to take initiative. being completely sold out for Christ. those are just a few of the most important. :)

    2. Also, I was going to tell you how thankful I am that you constantly write about Gods faithfulness in your own life. I find with each passing day how unfaithful I am to Him and how faithful he is to me. When I run, he chases me...

  2. Oh. I've never thought about some of these things. I need to. And I need to ask people questions like this more often. This was good. You're good. It's all good. Ok. Thank you. ;)

  3. Ohmigosh, can I just gush about the stars&constellations forever? I routinely collect quotes about them, and I sleep every night with a window open, just in order to keep them in sight. They are the epitome of everything I love: distance, beauty, light, story, religion, and interpretation. THEY ALL HAVE PERSONALITIES AND PATHS AND THEY TWINKLE AND SHINE ALL THE TIME AND I'M HAVING FEELINGS ABOUT STARS NOW.
    gosh Jenn now I want to talk about all of these things, like, for hours. there's always so much to say..

  4. This completely got my mind in a happy knot, and confirmed my theory that we would make great friends.
    I value most in people ... how if you matter to them, they make time for you. I am a homeschool graduate, with all the time in the world. Most of my friends are busy mamas, and yet they always take the time to make me feel special, valued, loved. That speaks volumes to me.
    I am an ENFP, and apparently it's normal that I notice a lot about people. The first thing I usually notice about a person is their countenance. I can usually tell by that if they are the kind to let you cry on their shoulder someday.

  5. How you feel when traveling alone.

    1. alive and free and determined and open and myself.

  6. Ahhh, constellations and stars make me so, I look up at the night sky and the stars are there, shining back at me and it makes me feel like I'm never ever alone, and that stars will always be there to guide me through the night...I want to find time to actually actually stargaze someday.

  7. Jesus' faithfulness! classic literature! stories! what you love most about your family! teeelll me theeeesse thiiinggssss...


  8. Please come home like right now so I can listen to you talk to you about ALL OF THESE THINGS. I miss your precious, beautiful spirit so much. I love you!

  9. I'd love to hear about the Myers-briggs personalities; how they define you and why they shouldn't, because most people I've met who know about it, so far haven't gone into the "why they shouldn't" part of it. =) (which is an important thing to remember about them!)
    I'd also like to hear about.....what you notice first about people, and God's purpose for every life you encounter. =)


    1. ooh I like this. about myers-briggs...I think a lot of people who take the test end up reading about "themselves" and kind of blindly accepting that that must be who they are. and there are millions and millions of kind of people--not just a handful of kinds that fit into four letters. so I think it's important to remember that you aren't defined by the results of a test. :) like I said, I notice people's senses of humor as one of the number one things. physically--hands. itscreepybutilovehands. and God's purpose--wow I've just seen more and more recently how God does not make mistakes, nor are there accidents with him. there's a reason you are somewhere within his will, whether it makes sense to you or not. and that's so cool to me.


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