bucket list

I'm a dreamer.  There are so many things--big and little--that resonate in my heart.  Things I just know I must do someday.  So, here is a smattering that shall be updated as time goes by.  Things with a [check] by them have been completed.

jump on a moving train

get ice cream from a musical ice cream truck

see the original cast of a broadway show [check 4/29/2012]

talk in a british accent in an normal situation to someone I don't know (and will never see again)

ride an elephant [check]

find a four-leaf clover

slap a guy in the face

eat an entire chinese meal using only chopsticks [check 7/14/2011]

read les mis in french

send something (gift or letter) to someone I don't know personally [check 9/2011...to my new penpal]

go on a cruise

see a musical in nyc [check 4/29/2012]

see a musical in the west end [check 7/2012]

go on a missions trip out of the country

pull an all-nighter [check 9/2012]

see the opening midnight showing of a movie [check 5/20/11]


give a guy the rejection hotline number

write and finish a book

go somewhere public in my pjs [check]

ride in a hot air balloon

view fireworks from a flying plane

be in a musical [check 7/2013]

get kicked out of mcdonald's [check]

get a penpal [check 9/2011]

choreograph and perform my own dance

give mike from tenth avenue north a hug

blow a bubble with bubble gum [check 6/14/2011]

eat octopus

jump into a lake/pool with my clothes on

own/wear a pair of red heels [check 3/8/2012]

go to europe [check 6/2012]

photograph a wedding [check 2/25/2012]

see the musical theatre production of tarzan

see the musical theatre production of phantom of the opera [check 7/2012]

see the musical theatre production of newsies [check 4/29/2012]

go see the zoo lights with my significant other

ride a subway [check 6/2012...Paris nbd]

sing "santa fe" in santa fe [check 8/14/2010]

sing "nyc" in nyc [4/28/2012]

sing "gary, indiana" in gary, indiana [check 7/2012]

sing "good morning, baltimore" in baltimore

sing "oklahoma" in oklahoma

be a bridesmaid

write and finish a song on the piano

have a foam sword fight in a grocery store [check 11/24/2011]

have a disney animated movie marathon [check]

take voice lessons [check 3/2012]

do a 365 photography project

read every single c.s. lewis book that exists

read every single jane austen book that exists [check 7/14/2011]

see a peacock spread its feathers

own a 50s style dress

see the aurora borealis

meet/know someone famous

meet a descendant of someone famous [check 8/2011...a guy related to alexandre dumas!]

make a music video

get a ride on a motorcycle [check 6/1/2012]

pet a gibbon

visit washington, d.c. in the spring

go to a drive-in movie

{more surely to come...}