frequently asked questions

what kind of camera + lenses do you have?

A Canon Rebel T3i and as of now, I just have the kit lens. Fingers crossed that'll change soon.

what do you do?

With my life? Thanks for asking. I'm primarily a student right now; I'm a theatre major with three minors: photography, design, and arts entrepreneurship (I'm studying that just to learn how to spell it). I love what I'm studying. So grateful. I'm also a constituent aide at the House of Representatives. I work the administration desk, and I love it a lot more than I probably should.

so you've had some experience with theatre? what have you done?

Sit down and let's talk about my favorite thing in existence. When I was 15, I got involved with a local community theatre, and you know what they say: the rest is history. My resume includes: Amy March in Little WomenEmma in Emma, Marta in The Legends of Sleepy Hollow, Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Ginette/Sandrine/Marci/Suzette in Almost, Maine, and the ensemble for a musicals--The Music ManThe Wizard of Oz, and my beloved Les Misérables. This summer I'm part of a street performing troupe doing Shakespeare around the city.

who designs your blog?

Most of the time, I do it myself.  The current design is compliments of Hannah.

how can I contact you?

Let's be friends. My email is myunoriginaloriginality [at] gmail [dot] com and all my other social media info is the sidebar.

got another question?  comment!  email!  talk to me!


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    1. Because she thinks I'm a hamster.

  2. Hey Jennoelle!
    I was sifting through your bucket list, when I noticed that one of your unchecked items was to see a musical theater production of Tarzan: The Musical. What a coincidence!!! I am a special F/X crew member for a small time production of the play in Nova Scotia. I have spoken with the producer and we would love to provide you with two free tickets to come and see the play! My e-mail address is, please let me know if you have any interest whatsoever in coming to our little show!
    Can't wait to hear from you,